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LUTHARO Release Drum Playthrough Of “Worship Your Path”

Canadian thrashers LUTHARO have just unleashed a drum playthrough of their song “Worship Your Path”. The song showcases the chops of their newest member Cory Hofing, who is also a member of CRIMSON SHADOWS and touring drummer for STRIKER.

Cory comments: “Being the newest member of the band I wanted to show the fans my take on the song worship your path. I aimed to maintain the feel of the song, while also pushing the melody along with accents to mold the rhythm and melodic aspects together in a song like this. I worked with Michael Crusty (Crusty Media), Dexter Forbes and Corey Bernard at City Sound Studios and we had a blast filming this.”

“Worship Your Path” was originally released on LUTHARO’s critically acclaimed 2021 album Hiraeth.

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Hiraeth Tracklist

1. Introspection 
2.To Kill or to Crave 
3.What Sleeps In Your Mind 
5.Worship Your Path
6.Hopeless Abandonment
7.Valley of the Cursed 
8.In Silence We Reign 
10.Lost in a Soul

Lutharo Is:

Krista Shipperbottom – Vocals
Victor Bucur – Guitars, backing vocals
John Raposo – Guitars
Chris Pacey – Bass
Cory Hofing – Drums


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