#BAZUndergroundUpdates CXXVII

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It is the same old, isn’t it? Our relentless writers Julia Katrin and Tom Osman are once again back at it and we do hope that by now you have realised there is no getting rid of them, or their weekly instalment of The Underground Updates!

So, let’s see what’s out there…

KEN MODE The last single from KEN mode before the new album hits has now become available right over here, and of course we continue to urge you to head over here to place your album order!

BEYOND HELVETE In case you weren’t aware, Beyond Helvete has an upcoming release titled Anthem of Decay via Immortal Frost Productions! Scheduled for a release on this coming November 25th, one of the tracks Mass Of Obedience has been made available already so head over here and feast upon the glory that is the official music video!

BLACK LION RECORDS Throughout September there is an ongoing sale at Black Lion Records as they want to thin out as much as possible the goods that they have available in time for their warehouse move in October! Head over here to get your goodies and use the code blacklion50 for the 50% discount!

HYPNOTIC DIRGE RECORDS Are you in the mood for a fancy hoodie? Over at Hypnotic Dirge Records you can now get your hoodie 50% off as the shop is merely a month away from temporarily closing for the remainder of 2022, so make sure you have quick hands! Head over to the HDR webstore to place your order, and keep in mind not to place your order on Bandcamp!

WOEWARDEN Something intense and atmospheric this way comes — in the form of In The Art of My Caged Existence, the new release by Australia’s black metal group Woewarden. Featuring members of Deadspace, Advent Sorrow, Flesh Worship and Pestilential Shadows, even if it isn’t winter where you are, this release could make you feel like it is. Check out the album in full here and pick up a copy.

SUCCUBUS Featuring Johnny Petterson, of Massacre, Wombbath and the excellent death metal gore of Heads For The Dead, Succubus is a vital dose of thrash metal that’ll appeal to fans of Exodus. Check out the new album The Misanthropic Manifesto out now on Iron Blood and Death Corporation here and as always — if you want to help hungry musicians eat another day — buy a copy.

BONES Mmmmm to paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction “this is some tasty death metal!”. Sombre Opulence — the debut album by Belgium’s Bones, out now in Ireland’s Invictus Productions — has got a little something that just scratches that death metal itch. Hear for yourself by clicking here, listening to the album, and when you find yourself nodding in satisfied agreement then you’ll know what to do… yes, purchase a copy.

TOADEATER Well shit. The problem is there are just too many great releases this week and some people have 82 other tasks to finish before bed. This is Toadeater. They play primal, powerful, atmospheric black metal. You know, the kind that makes you feel like you’re standing in front of a precipice during a snowstorm. Check out their newly released album Bexadde on Germany’s FDA-Records. Why? Because it kicks a metric ton of ass, that’s why. Listen to the album in full here. You know the rest.

Having to pay gigantic sums for international postage is a real gear grinder.

While it’s our default setting to link Bandcamp pages in the case of new and pre-releases, we thought it would be helpful to add some online stores that might provide a useful alternative.

So if you see a release you fancy, but it’s being sold in a far off land and you don’t want to fork out on exorbitant shipping, see if any of the links below can remedy the situation.

Dark Essence (Norway) Dark Essence (US)

Deathwish (EU) Deathwish (US)

Direct Merch (Australia)

eOne Heavy (EU) eOne Heavy (UK) eOne Heavy (US)

Ipecac (EU) Ipecac (US)

Metal Odyssey (EU) Metal Odyssey (US)

Napalm Records (Germany)

Prophecy Productions (Germany) Prophecy Productions (US)

Rough Trade (UK) Rough Trade (US)

Season of Mist (EU) Season of Mist (US)

Southern Lord (EU) Southern Lord (US)

Throne Records (World)

Transcending Obscurity (EU) Transcending Obscurity (US)

September is coming along nicely, and the autumn colours appear to be taking their place as the sad fact is that summer is now behind us. But do not fret! All the available goodies and merch are still available so head out there and enjoy it all while we still can!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Osman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**