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MO’YNOQ Release New Single “Penance”

Black metal outfit MO’YNOQ have revealed another taste of their upcoming album with new single “Penance”.

The band comments: “Penance is a representation of the sacrifice we make to the mistakes of our past. How through this sacrifice we can unlock the truth. That through our own pain we can find the higher meaning in our suffering.”

The band has also announced a string of tour dates supporting their upcoming album, A Place For Ash.

Full dates:

9-1 Philadelphia @ Century Bar
9-2 RPM fest
9-3 Final Doom Days Of Summer Fest
9-4 Burlington VT @ Monkey House
9-5 Pittsburgh PA @ Black Forge Coffee
9-6 Cleveland OH @ No Class
9-7 FT Wayne IN TBA
9-8 Louisville KY @ Mag Bar
9-9 Roanoke VA TBA
9-10 Asheville NC @ Static Age Records
9-11 Raleigh NC @ Slims

As they prepare to unleash their sophomore album A Place For Ash on September 9th, 2022, the American black metal outfit MO’YNOQ return to fall deeper into labyrinths of anguish and despair. Brandishing feral riffs and cadaverous imagery, MO’YNOQ unearth the dark realities of depression, despair and loss. 

The quartet draw inspiration from the likes of IMMORTAL, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, MGLA , along with the savage side to reality from which so many avert their gaze. Seething anguish seeps through A Place For Ash with raging power. Ferocious screams introduce the opening track “Penance” before a deathly gloom emerges through the all encompassing atmosphere. Unceasing percussion and dominant distortion across the instruments produces an incessant disquiet. “Effigies Adorned in Fire” is ablaze with intricate tremolo guitar parts and thundering drums. It’s an onslaught of sheer speed, delivering a differing mood with these textures and tones taking prominence. Concluding the album with “The Beast that Mourned at the Heart of the Mountain”, the epic fury reaching almost twelve minutes, this final act sees the majestic elements of MO’YNOQ’s sound converge. While maintaining their footing along the path of the dark and heavy, there are uplifting, soaring qualities to be found in the lead melodies. 

A Place For Ash lays bear nightmarish horrors for all to see. MO’YNOQ artfully craft their compositions to indulge in the variety of instrumental and vocal textures that form their black metal sound. The new record delivers a profound musical journey through the ever-growing shadows of our world…

Past Releases:
Anguish and Atonement Demo – January 2016
Bardo EP – February 2017
Dreaming In A Dead Language LP – January 2019

Logan Holloway – Guitar & Vox
Donald Boyd – Guitar & Vox
Devin Janus – Bass & Vox
Justin Valletta – Drums


Recorded with Kris Hilbert at Legit Biz
Mastered by Ken Sorceron of Abigail Williams
Album art provided by Perichaud Pierre of Business For Satan

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