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Hello there,

This week I decided to let YouTube choose the music to listen to in my name. I was… I can’t describe it correctly. Anyway…
I wanted to listen to something but at the same time didn’t know where to start. Yes, I admit. I’m not a person that thinks a lot, or is indecisive, or is afraid to start anything, ect. I’m the opposite, I fight for things, I follow my impulses, my feelings, etc.
So… YouTube… But another problem… YouTube needs you to start with something… Lucky me… I was listening to a band some days ago and clicked the play again…

Check it and enjoy it…

Black SeeD 🇫🇷 Farplane of Memories – 2021
Null 🇺🇸 Lore of a Sleeping Forest – 2019
Firtan 🇩🇪 Amor Fati (Official Music Video) – 2022
Ellende 🇦🇹 Abschied (Official Music Video) – 2022
Waldgeflüster 🇩🇪 Mim Blick aufn Kaiser (Official Music Video) – 2021
Waldgeflüster 🇩🇪 Im Ebersberger Forst (Official Lyric Video) – 2021
Askeesi 🇬🇪 Choice I’ve Never Had (Full Album) – 2021
Cân Bardd 🇨🇭 Nature Stays Silent (Official Album Premiere) – 2018
Tanvald 🇨🇿 Zrod (Full EP) – 2022
Ectoplasma 🇬🇷 Inferna Kabbalah (Full Album) – 2022
Ataraxy 🇪🇸 The Last Mirror (Full Album) – 2022
Woewarden (formerly Cancer 🇦🇺 Distant Dreams (Official Music Video) – 2016
Harakiri For The Sky 🇦🇹 My Bones To The Sea (Official Music Video) – 2014
Nordjevel 🇳🇴 Djevelen I Nord (Official video) – 2016

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