#Flames 🇬🇷 Resurgence

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Band: Flames
Title: Resurgence
Label: No Remorse Records
Release date: 01 July 2022
Country: Greece
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

And finally, I arrived at this album. When I saw the promo from this band I immediately put it on my “listen to list”. The reason was just one. I remember having two dubbed tapes in the past with the album “Nomen Illi Mors” from 1991 and later managed to record in another tape the previous album “Last Prophecy” from 1989. Besides those two albums, I never managed to listen to the previous albums or the album after “In Agony Rise” from 1996. And…

Well, years were passing by, many bands appeared, more bands with new albums, and you know the rest of the talk, and the tapes got broken or lost, Didn’t make any list of it, to try to find it again and unfortunately this band was “lost” in my memory, but when I saw the promo… “No way, is the same band?”. Yes, it was. Yeahhhhhh

So let me start talking about this album…

The time this album is released is way different from the times the others were released, so, of course, the production and/or mix is way different and the sound of the band is too.

In the past, they were a band playing a kind of Speed Metal with some blackened touches and maybe some Heavy Metal touches too. Today… well, they are an amazing Thrash Metal band. Yeahhhh.

From the first song until the last one, (the album has 12 songs, and it doesn’t make the album boring, no way) this album is full of really damn good riffs, effective drums, vocals, all mixed… So good.

After a small intro the “Thrash beer distillery” started to work and will only stop when you get drunk. Yes, eheheh.

If you can imagine, one song = one beer (only good ones) you will understand and feel this album as I did. And if you are not a big drinker, well, maybe you can get drunk too. lol

You can find several Thrash Metal bands influences here and there, can be natural influences or, of course, and it happens too, “I want to sound like that band”. To me is the first option, it happened naturally. So if you found bands that remind you Vio-Lence, Sodom, Onslaught, Chainsaw, Kreator, Dark Angel, Razor or Chakal you will not be surprised.

Can you imagine it? All good bands all together in one record and is not a compilation? Well, if you can imagine that, you have the right description of Flames. Once more I say, not a copy + paste band but all that is natural, at least in my opinion.

My last words… Unfortunately, I didn’t had 12 different trademarks of beers on my freeze to enjoy one per song, so… I had only 3 different ones, luckily, several bottles. Eheheheheheh. What a good combination, Beer and Thrash Metal. Horns up and listen to Flames. 9/10 The Key Keeper 666



9/10 Epic Storm
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