#FurisIgnis 🇩🇪 Turm

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Band: Furis Ignis
Title: Turm
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release Date: 1 July 2022
Country: Germany
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital review

Well, today I am discovering a band from Germany, Furis Ignis, and my knowledge of this band is what I’ve researched about them. This is another reason why supporting the underground is so important, so that bands like these come out from the shadows, so to speak and new audiences of metalheads can hear them and support them. Metal music is a strong passion for the fans of that genre, because it can encompass raw, polished, brutal, atmospheric, depressive, uplifting, speed, doom, melodic, death, technical and avante garde just to name some. Not only the sounds, but moods of those sounds, mixes of those sounds, combining to make a magic album that is well received. Or, a few stand out tracks that are remembered long after the album has come out. Or, an album that is digested, as it were, taking time to thoroughly hear all of the nuances over time.

What grabbed me about Furis Ignis is the take no prisoners style of black metal. This band brings it to you “raw and w-r-r riggling” (Lord of the Rings reference to #Gollum), but my point is this: this music grabs hold of you and you are pulled into Furis Ignis style of black metal. Furis Ignis began in 2019 and the credit to this band goes to one person, Tyrst who plays all instruments. Tyrst released the debut album, under Iron Bonehead Productions in January of this year, entitled “Decapitate The Aging World”. After having a listen to the debut album, its very harrowing, dire and cold, and also contains some surprises that change up the tempo. Check out the debut if you are interested, but for now, I will continue to tell you about the latest EP, entitled “Turm”.

“Vanguard of Black Years”, the vocal is cold, growling fury, paced against, discordant toned guitars, off-kilter tremolos, and bashing drums. Then there is a more rhythmic guitar section that immediately sets that classic sound of black metal style guitar, solos, riding the wave of grim coldness.

“To Trespass The Commandments of Tangible Being and Time”, this track has a traveling sense to me, travel to other worlds, with a pronounced sludge-infested tone. Such cold, miserly, barely singing expression to the heavy tone being introduced here. Growling, grit-voice sounding screams, and that continual sludge note.

“From Unremembered Dark Pagan Dreams”, simple note tremolos, bare, and seem to weave your imagination in their simple expressions to start this track off. Almost a pagan, folksy rhythm comes in, against the tremolos, and no drums to any of this. Listening to expertly played guitar, with your mind free to wander the dark existences therein.

“Turm”, sludge, and tremolos, with the grit-guttural frigid vocal. This voice is incredible, Speed gets introduced here, with drums/guitar, and that vocal takes on a hellish quality: wicked guttural madness. This track has many moods from sludge styling, classic black metal, and now we have a melodic keyboard thrown in to add another aspect to the mix.

“Die Enthauptung Der Alternden Welt (English translation-The Decapitation of the Aging World)”, has a sonorous sound to start, like alien atmospheric, or a discovery of a new world (in my mind). Forboding toned, and at same time addictive. The atmospheric tones set your mind exploring, and now a keyboard plays in a “watery” sense. Its hard to explain this note, but it feels watery. Forboding thickens, and layers, over layers and adds more. A fading off of music to finish this instrumental mindscape.

Furis Ignis gives raw, cold desolation, and you may think that is what the band is, but the trick is to listen to the whole EP, and you will find many influences, tempo changes, and atmospheres you didn’t expect to hear. The performance of Tyrst in the vocals, guitars, drums and keyboards all come together in a way that captivates and addicts you to the desolate tones, but then the desolation lifts and travels to other musical combinations, that end up addicting you all over again. I give 7.5/10 Metal Marie


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7.5/10: Victory is Possible!
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