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Hello there,

This will be the last Saturday of June. Yes, That is true. One more month is already gone and we are already in summer… High temperatures (at least in my country not yet and it’s strange, at this time already should be 30, 31 or 32 degrees), summer festivals are coming, beach to the ones who love it, the river is also a lovely option and vacations… Yeahhhhh… Whatever is happening in your country, or what you will do during your summer vacations, just enjoy it and listen to our beloved music…

Check my few recos…

Band: Besieged
Title: Violence Beyond All Reason
Label: Unspeakable Axe Records
Release date: 06 June 2022
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Long time since I didn’t listen to a very good Thrash Metal album. I can find some Death Metal touches here and there, but the band is mainly a Thrash Metal band and a very good one to be more honest. Catchy and contagious riffs, very good solos, and a strong voice that fits very well on the band sound. A very effective drum. This album will be for sure on the top 10 Thrash Metal list. Check them.

Band: Monasterium
Title: Cold Are the Graves
Label: Nine Records
Release date: 10 June 2021
Country: Poland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Decided to listen to this album cause I remembered one talk that I had with a good friend of mine when the band released the first album back in 2016. That time I did gave a listen or two to the album released that time but… I admit that the band’s sound is not my beach (like we say in my country) or not my cup of tea, and I already saw some gigs from bands playing this kind of sound, but… Anyway… Even if I don’t pay to much attention to this music style, cause of the words above written, I also can admit when the band is good or the release is good… Well, this album is good and must be listened to. Check them.

Band: Ornæmental Shine
Title: Deima Panikon
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Release date: 17 June 2022
Country: Mexico
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The only 3 songs present on this album can transport you to… Hmm… To another world, dimension, or place, make you do a journey to where your mind wants to go. Why I’m saying this? Well… Because the band is not a typical traditional Black Metal, and the way the band constructs the songs, the riffs, the atmosphere around/created on the songs, the way the voice is put/done, and the tempo changes, are not normal, even if I know some bands playing/doing this kind of Black Metal. Is more elaborated, not a raw kind, and on your face or F.O.A.D. Black Metal style. Check them. Well worth it.

Band: Veter Daemonaz
Title: Chaos Reign Supreme
Label: Osmose Productions
Release date: 24 June 2022
Country: Russia
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Yes, a Russian band… A very good one. Playing very good music. Playing a very damn good Black Metal album. 8 songs make this album almost a masterpiece. The power of the songs, the production, the icy and still yet melodic riffs, the voice, the drum details, and the riffs/melodies changes. This will be an album that I will listen to many times. Check them.

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