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Austria’s Epic Death Doom Metal Force ENDONOMOS Releases New Music Video Of Upcoming Album!

August 26, 2022 will see rising death doom metal act ENDONOMOS release its self-titled debut album on Argonauta Records. Now, the up-and-coming band has premiered a music video for the second single “Atropos”, which can be seen below.

Fans of acts such as Ahab and alikes should give ear, as ENDONOMOS unleashes a fierce blend of sinister and menacing doom/death, yet with epic melodies of classic doom metal. Low and weighty grunt-vocals are continually breached by melodic, clean vocals, the thunderous rhythm guitar is accompanied by numerous highly melodic lead guitars and, from time to time, fragile clean parts. 

“For our second single we chose a significantly more sinister sounding song and one of my personal favourites,” says band mastermind Lukas Haidinger. “It deals loosely with the “vanitas” motif, yet focussing rather on inevitability and human inability.
With this song you will get a further glimpse at the different aspects of the upcoming album, and we are more than excited to show you it’s entire face soon!”

ENDONOMOS is the brainchild of Austrian multi-instrumentalist, producer and session musician Lukas Haidinger, who is mostly known for playing extreme metal in bands such as Profanity, Nervecell, Distaste and many more, but as a longtime doomer, he finally brought his sinister yet melodic sound to tape.

Of what started as a one man’s urge to craft menacing yet epic death doom, turned into a full group of dedicated musicians in 2021. Along with some of his closest friends to accompany Haidinger on this new adventure, namely Armin Schweiger (drums), Philipp Forster (guitars) and Christoph Steinlechner (guitars), ENDONOMOS will finally introduce their upcoming, self-titled debut; recorded, mixed and mastered by Haidinger in his DeepDeepPressure Studios; on August 26th through powerhouse label Argonauta Records. The pre-sale will be starting soon at THIS LOCATION!

1.: wither and thrive
2.: barrier
3.: atropos
4.: weary
5.: rejoice
6.: theft

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