Vronski 🇵🇱 Ephemeral

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Band: Vronski
Title: Ephemeral
Label: independent
Release date: 22 May 2022
Country: Poland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Was a great surprise finding this album and listening to it for the first time, and instantly thinking “hell yeah, it has that something”… Right from the start, with the opener “Mad Song” (and its melancholic piano intro played by Christoph Martin) you are thrown into the appropriate atmosphere for a journey through emotions. Because yes, there’s music containing much more than only music. And I find this album really emotional…

Guitars are often playing riffs like swirls of pure passion, “To Disperse” is a fantastic song where you can notice that; almost hypnotic, you can feel like you are sinking into a trance. Drums go along really well, alternating faster passages with some more calmer ones, perfectly balanced. And vocals… I simply love the forceful obscurity in that man’s voice, like a deep rumble that permeates your brain in an infectious way. Instead of screaming, it’s more like a never ending hoarse lament, dark and mournful. Oh did I mention that Vronski is a one man band? Now I did. I’m always astonished about these “bands”, how much talent in a sole person! Composing, playing all instruments, doing vocals… simply awesome.

Ephemeral” is an album mostly driven by melodies and tremolo riffs playing an endless melancholic dance with drums, with very audible and strong sound of bass; lyrics talk about the end of life, transcending, internal struggles… and the message is comforting in some way, you can find relief even in the darkest times and thoughts, even the most ephemeral acts contain something beautiful in it… that seems something we must learn.

Sometimes there’s a bit of a more aggressive approach, like in “Burnt Bridges”, wow this song doesn’t lack intensity! My ears melt just allowing them to listen to the drums separately from the rest of the instruments, doing my best effort for that; percussion sounds fantastic in this song! Other times, things are very emotional, not only because of the music but for the lyrics too. Like in “Threshold”:

“Come, step into the void
Become what you were before
Become one with all.
Our minds cease to exist
but does it mean it all wasn’t real?”

And “Farewell”, where guitar riffs sound infectious and mesmerizing, the bass sound gives me goosebumps and drums unleash all their power until you feel exhausted… it’s damn beautiful.

Ephemeral” by Vronski is almost 34 minutes of pure bewitching Post-Black Metal, and I’m already hungry for more! Great debut album. 9/10 Sílvia


9/10 Epic Storm
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