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Black Negative Domination Unleash New Album

Forever Negative is the demonic new release from the death metal trio, Black Negative Domination. Devised by Stefan Lang, the band came together as members connected online leading to the release of their debut EP War in 2019. Forever Negative unveils the fierce growth in their sound as brutal distortion, dynamic melodies and relentless energy exudes dark savagery. 

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The band comments:

“After a few years of production, we are happy to finally release these 4 tracks about zero happiness.”

Guttural vocals and ghastly shrieks capable of waking the dead soar above intense, fast guitars in “My Abyss”, summoning the portal to the depths below. Intricate melodies across cleaner tones intersperse the black enhancing the sound scaping across the tracks. The melodic introduction of “Forever Negative” delivers a haunting atmosphere before the devilish distortion takes a hold. The instrumentation takes the limelight with the instrumental “Goodbye (Is Forever)”, while “I Like It When You Cry” evinces a diabolical sense of malevolence. 
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Black Negative Domination is:
Stefan Lang, Germany – Guitars/Bass
Chris Whitby, USA – Vocals
Philipp Horst, Germany – Drums

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