#FacelessEntity 🇳🇱 The Great Anguish of Rapture

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Band: Faceless Entity
Title: The Great Anguish of Rapture
Label: Argento Records CD/LP) / The Throat (MC)
Release Date: 15 April 2022
Country: Netherlands
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Faceless Entity is a fusion of funeral doom and black metal done with edgy darkness, despair, resplendent with extended mantras of entrancing despondency. An exploration of misery and anguish set off by dread-filled atmospheres and haunted screams.

Faceless Entity are three: R.v.R, guitar and vocal; K.v.H, Bass and vocal; and, B.D on drums. These three are welded together and committed to giving us a view into their sinister world.

I checked out their first full-length album from 2017, “In via Ad Nusquam”, to further learn more of their sound and glean more of their influence and creativity. Noting the pervasive heaviness of tone, and slower, arduous sense synonymous with funeral doom inspiration. In that album the black metal differences cut in and break through, but with all components of the album being cohesive.

Starting off this five- track album is “The Great Anguish of Rapture”, despondent, slowly strumming of a guitar, amidst thick, doomy atmospheres of to start. Later the riffs come in with the first guttural gust of breath of a vocal. Screams are so haunted and coldly performed. Heavy, struggling sensibilities here, with that despair being thrown into to overall mix of this first track. As this track continues there is something so hypnotic in the speed and atmosphere achieved.

“Decaying Banners of Existence”, continue in that hypnotic wave of anguish from the first track, that overall tone of despair runs rampant in this. Vocal picks up a raw, broken tone, incredibly pain-filled sound. Drum solo follows as the forefront sound, guitars keep that tone of hypnosis, this really pulls you under to dwell in darkness.

“The Enigma of Death”, those atmospheres are being lifted here, there is a sense of urgency, heard in the guitar tempo being sped up and drums becoming more of the black metal speeds. Something eerily spell binding being created in the riffs, and guttural screams, a finality of death comes to mind. Yet its not something to be dreading, it’s a mystery is how this passage leaves me.

Track Four, “A Growing Void”, thick, heavy atmospheres cut through with a high pitched vocal scream, to pair with the deep guttural tone of accompanying vocal., Track Five, and final track is “Death, A Rot Beneath the Mask of Indifference”, this track continues on with the signature sound Faceless Entity has created. The despair is palpable along with a slight lifting of tone also present.

I can say, that the mixing of funeral doom and black metal in this album definitely lifts the tone from time to time, yet the overall mood stays heavy and weighted. I feel that is how this band wanted to be heard. I give appreciation to the production of sinister atmospheres, performance and staying true to the direction of the band. I give 7.5/10 Metal Marie


Argento Records

The Throat

7.5/10: Victory is Possible!
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