Catacomb 🇫🇷 Back to Unknown Kadath

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Band: Catacomb
Title: Back to Unknown Kadath
Label: XeniKorp
Release date: 18 March 2022
Country: France
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Celebrating it´s 30th anniversary, Catacomb´s joyful re-release Back to Unknown Kadath will be available this March, with four oldies but goodies. First released in 1993, the four tracks appeared on the band´s demo In the Maze of Kadath and so of course what is a better way of celebrating?

The Key” is up first with quite the interesting and different passages and feels. Sure, there is that demo kind of vibe to it, high pitched distorted guitar, and meaty vocals. A sense of groove throughout with a lot to offer. “Hallucinated Mountains” as well has a 90s vibe, the horror sounding melodies with a backing up keyboard. The speedy category is all ruling and both tracks sound like a medley of different songs. Although not unusual for this genre, it tends to become overwhelming.

Traditional tech-death introduction is a welcoming change as “Time´s Lurker” crawls upon the listener. Backing a bit out of the speedy category by now it brings upon a gothic vamp in the form of slower black metal on the brink of doom. There is no denying Catacomb can make enjoyable music and good sounding riff. By for I believe this track is my favorite, and while taking it down a bit on the vocal parts “Nemesis” is no less groovy than the others. The programmed drums are working away here, playing insanely fast double bass and blast beats over the same riff they played slow and groovy a couple of seconds ago. What a ride!

Re-releases are always fun, sort of a nostalgic trip through time but in the present since it´s usually followed by an improved productions and styles. Although I can´t help but wonder why, after 30 years of activity why there hasn´t yet been a full-length album release. The potential is definitely there, and I for one can´t wait to hear some new music from Catacomb! 7.5/10 Julia katrin



7.5/10 : Victory is Possible!
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