Aegrus 🇫🇮 The Carnal Temples

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Band: Aegrus
Title: The Carnal Temples
Label: Osmose Productions
Release date: 28 January 2022
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The year started a few days ago and it is at this moment already is hard to choose what to review…

My “listen to” list is growing fast. Yep…

So to start I decided to choose one band that I have been following since the time they were in Saturnal Records, since 2017…

The band you already saw is Aegrus, and this band has a lot of quality.

Unfortunately, yes I have to say this, the release that I’m reviewing is only an EP.

4 Songs, but 4 so damn good songs.

The first one and the one that gives the name to the Ep is The Carnal Temples it looks that was taken from the 90s’ Black Metal era. The beginning, the drum, the riffs used, the voice… Arghhhhhh. so damn good. Is destructive, also melodic, is fast, but also mid-tempo, is chaotic… Is… Black Metal with a score of 10.

The second one is In Death Rapture and starts melodic till the icy riff at the 00:44s appears and here we go again to the road of the devastation and pure hate always mixed with melody here and there. The band knows what to do and the mix between the destruction and melody is very well done. Almost in the middle of the song the fingering part is amazing, “breaks” a bit the song, but what is coming after is melodic and amazingly good.

The third one is Moonlit Coffinspirit is like the continuation of the previous one, it starts almost the same as the previous one ended. Like the previous one was the harm and this one is the hand and finally, you grab the “tool” to expose the hate you feel, the final and the masterpiece of the song. This song is the most melodic and the song that is more “slow”, more melodic, more felt, at least was what I felt while listening to.

The fourth one is Flesh and Blood and I’m back to the beginning, with the fast, destructive riffs. The melody still here and there cause of the guitar leads and the quality is good. Very good to be honest.

What I can say about this EP… Well, the beginning and the end is fast, destructive and the middle is more melodic and calm. Yes, basically is that, but the 4 songs together… Damn… So damn good. I can say to you that this EP played many times…

Final words… A very good way to start this year with this very good EP. My Score… Of course…
9.5/10 The Key Keeper 666



9.5/10 Epic Storm
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