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Quote from the vocalist Rena for the premiere. 

Keepers, the first music video for Rise Forth features the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The band states, “We wanted to do a ‘metal band in the woods’ video, as this song is about protecting the environment”.

Drawing musical influences from the likes of ELUVEITIE, KORPIKLAANI, and NIGHTWISH. SIREN’S RAIN combines deeply emotive and powerful sounds with fascinating lyrics. Founded in 2014 by William Beritich and Rena Hellzinger, SIREN’S RAIN delivers heavy riffs, haunting vocals, and ethereal melodies using a vast array of traditional folk instruments. The new record follows the EPs Nightmares from the Abyss (2019) and Beneath the Narrors (2016, re-released 2018). SIREN’S RAIN is a powerhouse of heavy, distorted sounds and ornate harmonies. The metal composition creates an epic backdrop for the exquisitely crafted folk instrumentation that explores both the serene and the dark. “Keepers” is compelling, emotive, and transcends the temporal plains.

Single “Keepers”

Ed Miller- Guitars, Nyckleharpa, backing vocals
Micahel Heaney- Guitars, Mandolin
William Beritich- Bass, backing vocals
Scott Eugene Jones- drums, percussion
Rena Hellzinger- vocals, harp, percussion

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