Impending Doom 🇺🇸 HellBent

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Band: Impending Doom
Title: HellBent
Label: MNRK Heavy
Release Date: 29 October 2021
Country: USA
Format Reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

I’ve had a listen or two (or more of this EP), and deathcore are their signature sound. They have cornered a sound both of grindcore and death and have made that combination something excellent. Impending Doom bring you their newest EP entitled “HellBent”, and the 5 tracks are basically rockets blasting off into a hell-torn space, ready to decimate. They give a vocal that seems to base itself in hell (yes its that good) and instruments are right there, delivering shot after shot that to my ears was brutally musical, done in such a way that the EP just flies by, and I wanted to hear more. Impending Doom are three core people, Manny Contreras, lead guitar, David Sittig, Bass guitar and Brook Reeves, as vocals. Also featuring Andrew Holzbaur on drums and Eric Correa also as guitar. Suffice it to say, these individuals let their music speak, and the conversation is blistering, blasting and crushing.

Without further ado, I’m jumping into the music..

“Satanic Panic”, immediately blasting with lyrics: “The noose gets a little tighter”. With that beginning, the whole track picked up in scalding vocals and eviscerating riffs.

“New World Horror”, technical beginning, with the “Impending Doom” sensibilities being hammered into this track. This whole track literally hammers a rhythm, followed by guttural vocals, bass and lead guitars on fire.

Photo by Luke Cooper

“Culture of Death”, Crushing, (I’ve said this once already), but there’s no other way to describe this. Riffs coming down like cement rain. The vocal treatment is different, almost a robotic influence, but soon the guttural depths swallow that up and bring the expression right down below dirt practically. Drums and death vocals back and forth here with a slight tempo change.

“Hellbent”, This has a thrash metal influence in guitars and drums to start, a variation of what’s been heard so far. Tempo changes to the grindcore and death styles already established. Really can’t add more to this description because it falls under MUST be heard.

“I Must End”, powerful guttural scream kicks it off, to a track that runs amok with blistering riffage, and a chant of “I Must End”, spoken over and over. It’s powerful in simplicity, but packs a punch.

I highly recommend giving Impending Doom a go, for fans of deathcore. They do it right, they do it memorable and this EP only gives a small taste of what they are capable of.

I give an 8.5/10 Metal Marie

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8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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