#Ruttenskalle – Skin ‘em Alive

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Band: Ruttenskalle
Title: Skin ‘em Alive
Label: Gruesome Records
Release date: 31 October 2021
Country: Portugal
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

It seems that we can find great Metal anywhere in the world. Of course, Portugal is not an exception. I must admit that, even if it’s my neighboring country, I didn’t use to look in its direction when looking for Black or Death Metal bands. Honestly, I don’t know why, but fortunately I’m changing this, ‘cause lately I’m finding really interesting stuff coming from this country! 

Sooo what we’ve got here today is the debut album by Ruttenskalle, a new solo project created by Paulo Soares. He is a Portuguese musician and producer, a multi-instrumentalist who seems to be very active in the underground metal scene. I don’t know the other bands in which he is/was involved, but for all the underground maniacs, you can find him in Rageful playing drums, in Torn Fabriks playing drums too and guitars, and previously in Wall of Death and Burned Blood. It’s great to see some musicians being so active, it gives hope to the metal community that this music is very alive and kicking ass.

Ruttenskalle’s “Skin ‘em Alive” is a sick Old School Death Metal album in the vein of classic Swedish Death Metal sound, you can be listening to these 10 tracks and feeling instantly moved to Sweden and going back in time. Some riffs are really infectious, the guitar tone is perfect to achieve this Old School sound. And when it’s time for the solos.

The album starts with “Feast of the Dying Sluts”, very promising title indeed, the sound is really good, drums are a bit fast here and there’s a wicked riff piercing your brain here and there all through the song. Vocals are deep guttural roars, a great delight for this genre lovers! 

“Rotten God” starts fast, and it turns out to be a very representative song of this album, alternating some mid-paced tempos with faster sections. Drums are always doing a great work, not only in this track but all along the album, their sound is crushing and very energetic, that’s a very good plus! “Dead Man” seems to be rage infused, which is so good; there’s a sick guitar playing in the background along with the rotten vocals. “Buried” sounds like another Old School Death Metal anthem, with that evocative intro, and the guitar solo near the end really marks the spot of what we are listening to. “Brainless Whore” is the closing theme for an enjoyable trip back in time, this album ends with a very good guitar solo and some murky spoken words like coming from a dungeon…

The gore artwork for this album was done by Daniel Cabrera (Dan’s Putrid Art), looking at that sick drawing full of details may give you an idea of what this album is about… yeah, it smells like putrid Death Metal. Fair enough! Check this album, it’s not inventing anything new but I’m sure that wasn’t the idea either. This is 7,5/10 for me.   Sílvia


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7,5/10 Victory is possible
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