Livløst – Symphony of Flies

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Band: Livløst
Title: Symphony of Flies
Label: Dusktone
Release Date: 17 September 2021
Country: Norway
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

With a big excitement, I got this promo and…

Bummmmmm… Could Livløst together with Ildebrann, Praefuro, or Djevel (the oldest of these 4 bands) and among others bring back again the Norwegian Black Metal glory days? Well… Yes. Yes, they can.

If you don’t know these four bands, I truly advise you to check them.

But now the review and my words/opinion about Livløst latest album.

This album is divided into six hymns. Yes, that is true.

The first track, “Symphony of Flies” and is the album’s name is a track “jumping” between the blast beats and mid-tempo and full of hatred and cold icy riffs, mixed with a sick voice. A mix of traditional Black Metal voice and a hoarse voice. Even if it is a very good song is just a little sample of what will follow.

The second track… “No reason”… The beginning of the song could be a song for the previous album “Bråtebu”. In this song, the band shows that the Dungeon Synth and some symphonic parts (like in the 90s’) is a style that will stay present in this album and I hope in future releases. After the kind of “intro”, the guitars/drum/voice begun with a slow tempo, a “cadent” one to be honest. My head, my feet, and my fingers doing the compass of the song on the table, (while trying to write) are moving and I almost couldn’t stop, because of the dark, addictive, and enveloping atmosphere/riff.

The third track… “Holy Night”… First thing that came to my head in the first moments of the song. Gehenna. Yeah. Old Gehenna of course. So good. The riff, the voice, more traditional here. The simplicity of the drums but very very very very effective.

The fourth song… Hmmm… “Angelperfume”… I don’t know why but when I read the name’s song, I thought that would be a more rhythmic song. And I was right. The song does not lose its heaviness and in fact in my opinion it’s “heavy” enough for a metalhead’s ears.

“Red” and “Hostel” are the fifth and sixth songs from the “Symphony of Flies” album. Both are very obscure/somber songs, with cadent and paced rhythms with symphonic/ambient/dungeon synth passages that managed to adorn the songs, even if the same doesn’t need it, but at the same time is Livløst trademark.

This album managed to transport me to the past, back to the 90s’ and the sensation was so damn good.

In resume… This album is a MUST have is all Black Metal lover collection. Even to the Raw Black Metal lovers. Trust me. You will not regret it. Grab a copy asap. I already have mine traveling to me. Directly from the band… 9/10 By The Key Keeper 666



9/10 Epic Storm
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