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St. Louis, MO, biker prog outfit Voidgazer have released their new album ‘Dance of the Undesirables’. The band was originally formed in 2015 and are not for the faint hearted – they intend to live fast and leave a bloated haggard corpse.

Their raging power takes no prisoners, but Voidgazer deliver far more than just aggressive sounds. ‘Sexual Sadist Serial Slasher’ brings a catchy riff hook, along with heavy dissonant and progressive experimentation. The harsh vocals are demonic, and the entire sound descends lower and lower into the guttural depths. The title track, ‘Dance of the Undesirables’, exerts a dynamic build-up into high energy, fast speed riffs. Ludicrous shredding entails while vocals explore further guttural lows and shrieking banshee screeches. And not forgetting an unusual twist, blues influences emerge and segue seamlessly into the realms of the dark. Voidgazer continuously push conventional genre boundaries with each track. ‘Blast Equalizer’ sees progressive experimentation with their choice of chord sequences and inclusion of non-standard time signatures. The track goes all in with another powerful breakdown and dives even further into the entrails of the oppressed gloom.

Voidgazer have discovered a means of delivering a solid extreme metal sound whilst weaving their own unique progressive identity into the mix. They manipulate the dynamics so well it’s impossible to predict what’s coming next. High speed sections also show off their technical abilities and explore a fantastically dark sense of creativity. ‘Dance of the Undesirables’ is sheer heavy chaos in the best possible sense.

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