Austral Kult – Speak at the Devil

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Band: Austral Kult
Title: Speak at the Devil
Label: BMC Productions
Release date: 12 July 2021
Country: Colombia
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording

In this South American lands is well known the band “Lucifera” in the underground scene, but we are not aware of this one-man Atmospheric Black Metal solo project called Austral Kult, formed by D. Hellrazor, the mastermind behind the band mentioned above.

From the Ashes to Infinity begins with an eerie mid-paced guitar riff while the drums slowly start to take speed as the time of the song goes by while a desperate heartbreaking voice coming from beyond, like a never ending tortured soul coming from hell , followed by a melodic interlude at the middle of the song, just for ending in a faster and strange crazy riff that’s not usual in this kind of genre, a great way to finish a song!.

Son of Chaos uses the same formula, a mid-paced and repetitive guitar riff that absorb the listener in a trance characteristic of this genre, but suddenly in the middle of the song there’s a change of their structure giving start to the bridge and acting as a pleasant surprise for the listener, just for ending with a simple, yet powerful riff that is fading as the song ends.

The Seal of Solomon starts with a bell tolls followed by a faster riff that turns slow for a moment, only to return in a furious form like a hellish scream, always mixing melodic chords with atmospheric elements, with a beautiful semi-acoustic chord that acts as a bridge, only to finish in a beautiful way of mixing the acoustic chord with a fast riff and a screaming dark voice.

Behold the Dark Necromancy start with an intro that reminisces a black magic ritual, followed by a faster guitar rhythm and a notorious hateful vice, the middle of the song is a remembrance to that dark ritual reminiscence accompanied with phantasmagorical voices just for end with a guitar solo followed by a voice coming from the depths of hell while is tortured eternally.

To the Deepest Void follows the same path of Behold the Dark Necromancy, only with less melodic elements, and a repetitive riffs formula that induces the listener in a trance, paying tribute to the old school 90’s Burzum Black Metal style.

Betrayers is a different song, starts slowly at the best Inquisition atmospheric style, afterlife voices, and magical riffs, followed by a furious guitar alternating with a powerful arpeggio, stopping in an acoustic bridge acting as an anteroom to a structure of a mid-tempo guitar rhythm inset with a bending alternate fast picking, just for end with a beautiful acoustic ballad.

Nullius in Verba starts with a resonant drumming army battle march, just as an introduction to an “inducing trance” mid-paced rhythm, followed by a Darkthrone style notes that give space to an acoustic guitar meddle that turns faster and ferocious, becoming slow at the end of the song

Speak at the Devil is the anthem of this release and the longest song, a moog organ intro is followed by a pray for Satan extracted from an old ritual as an anteroom to a fast rhythm guitar inset with a beautiful scale, just for alternate between those notes, always with the satan’s pray as a background for moments, ending with a beautiful acoustic arrangement, giving that atmospheric aura as a reminder of the beauty of the savage nature

For Those Who Lie in Disgrace is a melancholic outro composed of piano sad notes and a dark eerie voice as a reminder of human mortality!

Is a great debut, solid release that deserves to listen to, a great mixture of acoustic elements with dark black metal riffs, evoking the nature of dark volcanic mountains acting like the gates of hell when lava falls into this earth

I give this release a solid 7.5 and a promising future to this band. 7.5/10 Tatgren



7.5/10: Victory is Possible!
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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