Prayers of Sanity – Doctrine of Misanthropy

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Band: Prayers of Sanity
Title: Doctrine of Misanthropy
Label: Rastilho Records
Release Date: 25 June 2021
Country: Portugal
Format Reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

If you’re searching for chaos, look no further than Prayers Of Sanity’s latest release: Doctrine of Misanthropy.

The songs throughout are peppered with slick transitions, urgent riffs, and thundering basslines (Damn, which bass temple do you pray at for that tone?!) which are all tied perfectly together with a veritable audial assault from behind the drumkit.

These guys have something to say, and they sound pretty determined to shout it loud enough for you to hear, whether you reside with them in Portugal or not!

I do pick up some early Metallica/Megadeth vibes, which I suppose are very difficult to avoid with what I would call “straight thrash” (as opposed to progressive thrash, like your Deaths, Vektors, and Havoks of the world).

Something I really appreciate about this album is that the solos don’t rip full speed straight out of the gates, which is a skill I’ve come to appreciate, especially in the heavier metal genres; restraint. It demonstrates a musicality that a lot of people overlook, so I’m always happy to find some! It doesn’t mean you DON’T open the taps, just that you don’t necessarily open them the whole way to begin with.

We Are Built To Suffer requires, in my humble opinion, several listens through to REALLY encapture the whole song. Even at a relatively average 6 and a half minutes long, it is an epic journey of utter chaos. I got lost in it so many times I just had to keep restarting it.

This band, on my first encounter with them, remind me of a slightly less “proggy” Havok, which is an absolutely wonderful thing in and of itself, I absolutely cannot wait to delve into their previous releases just as soon as this is through!

The production is fantastic throughout the album, the bass is present and roaring (the fills throughout are also exquisite), the guitars are audible without being overpowering, and the drums tie the whole thing together perfectly.

The album is filled with crowd-pleasing moments: obvious moments where the call to pit or wall of death will ring, choke moments that drag you forward on your own momentum, and of course Hide Your Hate, a chanting epic, complete with extremely groovy  extended instrumental break, seasoned with beautiful bass fills!

There is sheer musicality spread throughout this album, and although a couple of the riffs do blend into one another, the greater picture of this album is absolutely fantastic.

It’s music like this which is why I wanted to get back into doing reviews: being able to sit and discover new artists with such obvious passion and musicianship. It makes me so happy to uncover an awesome new band, and this one is going straight into my playlist. Thank you, Prayers of Sanity, for doing what you do.

FFO: Early Metallica, Havok, Power Trip, Modern Thrash in general 8/10
Peace, Love, and Death Metal to all, The Phantom Lord



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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