Funeral Vomit – Necrophoric Infestation

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Band: Funeral Vomit
Title: Necrophoric Infestation
Label: Unholy Domain Records
Release Date: 15 April 2021
Country: Colombia
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording and Tape

Although is a young band (formed in 2020 in Barranquilla, Colombia), this Death Metal trio shows a maturity that is not seen usually in early band stages, coming to the underground metal scene and showing us a proposal based on a mixture of B horror movies with influences of early 90’s putrid Death and raw War Metal, is a grateful surprise to found bands doing this kind of old school Death Metal that actually is having a rebirth now in this pandemic times.

The EP opens with an Intro at the best “Dungeon Synth” style, dark, cold, like reminiscing an old Nosferatu movie mixed with keyboards old B horror’s movie style, after that begins “Execration” with a “Lucifer is inside me” mini
intro, as a preamble of the unspeakable violence, unleashed with an afterlife growl voice screaming like spitting out the guts and intestines, accompanied with a simple, yet powerful guitar riff and a low-fi thunderous fast drum sound touching the War metal boundaries at the best Blasphemy-Archgoat style, achieving a more blasphemous desecrating sound.

“Hematophagia” begins evoking the ancient old death metal spirits at the best “Into the Grave” slow and overwhelming style, only to sink the throttle and pay tribute to “Dear Uncle Creepy”, you can notice the bass sounds more audible in this song, a good thing indeed because is giving more heaviness to the song, the insane dive bombs style solo sounds like “Rick Rozz” style, heavy and disgusting, and just when you are in the fast riff mood, the song gets calm, returning to the slowness heavy powerful beat showed at the beginning of this song.

“The Boiling Cauldrons of the Seventh Circle”, apart from being a cool song name, begins opening with an old movie intro as an anteroom for a fast and simple guitar riff acting as a complement to the unmerciful voices keeping the old school Death Metal style alive, a short interlude indeed for the “Funeral Incantation (Corpore Insepulto)”, a slow guitar pace getting faster while the pace of the drums still slow, only to speed up in a ponderous way. always as a complement of the disgusting and insane voice, a common pattern in this EP.

This EP ends with a “Necrophoric Infestation”, starting with a another side ghostly voice and giving room to a drumming war metal style, always using simple riffs and the slow tempo formula as a bridge, going fast-slow-fast tempo, achieving great heaviness and forcefulness.

A great EP debut from this new Death Metal band, a novelty not usually seen in Colombia, indeed, a great experience to listen to this, FFO Incantation, Grave, Archgoat, and Blasphemy.

If you like disgusting raw Death Metal with regurgitated guts over your table, this is for you 8.0/10 Tatgren



8/10 To greatness and glory!
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