Lord Mortvm – Diabolical Omen of Hell

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Band: Lord Mortvm
Title: Diabolical Omen of Hell
Label: Helter Skelter Productions
Release Date: 25 June 2021
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Earlier this year a malevolent darkness emanated from northern Europe when Norwegian one-man blackened doom act Lord Mortvm released the hard hitting debut album “Diabolical Omen of Hell”. Now the official release of this offering has been unleashed through Helter Skelter productions and is being distributed via Regain Records. Physical formats are available in CD, as well as limited edition runs (100 copies of each) of three types of vinyl (black, red, clear) and a cassette.

I recall being blown away by this album back in February, so with the physical release date just passed I thought I’d take this chance to revisit this spellbinding new artist. “Diabolical Omen of Hell” contains six tracks oozing with dense evil and blasphemy. There are thick lumbering atmospheres clotted together with bold riffs, dark guitar breakdowns and scraping black vocals.

The album opens with sixty seconds of unsettling dialogue of demonic possession and exorcism which perfectly sets the stage for the heaving, dark track “Altar Obscene”. The tempo is slow and grinding with a feel of old occult-themed doom, but the black vocals add a barbed, jagged edge. Although this release is a debut effort you immediately know that you are in talented hands. Lord Mortvm’s delivery is sharp and fully realised, he seems to have completely finessed his own unique form of black-doom. Each track is as dark and intense as the next but with unexpected surprises here and there. For instance “Devil Doll” switches things up with almost psychedelic fuzzy riffage and elaborate guitar breaks, while tracks such as “Sodomizing with Satan” offer an injection of boggy, bluesy sludge. All the while there is the ominous presence of the supernatural nearby with sound bytes of demonic possession.

The stand out for me is “Omega XIII” which is a slow, heaving track of burdensome doom, heinous, gnarling vocals and seductive guitars. “Diabolical Omen of Hell” is a stirring and almost intoxicating experience that I recommend you indulge in. In my mind Lord Mortvm is unequalled in the current sphere and is an intensely exciting artist delivering depth and variety in his infernal art. So, light some candles, conjure a demonic presence, invite it in and press play! 7.5/10 Proua Metallist.


Helter Skelter Productions
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Regain Records

7.5/10: Victory is Possible!
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