#BAZUndergroundUpdates LXVI

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Although most of us have gotten used to what Tuesday brings and our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman are always ready with another installment of The Underground Updates, it is worth noting that from now on things will be taking a turn for what we hope is the better. Times seem to be changing a little bit back to how they were before, and therefore, we are making some adjustments.

So, let’s see what’s out there… but in a little bit of a different way!

THE AMENTA Do you happen to be near or even in Australia and love extreme metal? Well then luck is on your site as The Amenta are coming out of their 7 year long hibernation and ready to tour Australia, starting with the first show at the end of this month, july 31st, at Blacken Open Air, Alice Springs! Keep in mind that Earth Rot will be touring with them as well (however they will not be appearing at the first show). To get your ticket, simply head over here and enjoy!

CERES Just this past Friday, the heavy metal duo Ceres released their debut Tyrant´s Rise, and so Decibel Magazine conducted a fun little full stream and interview with the band to help us find out what the deal is with Ceres. Head over here to read and listen!

ERDVE Later this month, sludgy metallic hardcore outfit Erdve will be releasing their new album Savigaila via Season of Mist and so on the first of July took the opportunity and released the third single Pragulos along with a fantastic music video. So if your patience is running thin, just head over here. And if you have already seen it, head over here to watch it again!

BLACKSEED PRODUCTIONS If you happen to be a person that really likes good bargains, this is one you absolutely do not want to let pass you by. With a total of 54 releases, BlackSeed Production has now made their full digital discography available on Bandcamp with a 70% discount. The offer includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, as well as high-quality downloads of all 54 releases. Simply head over here to check them out!

Milwaukee’s HALO OF FLIES RECORDS last had a release back in 2018, but as their bandcamp page tantalisingly states they are “back for the moment” and with this news comes a prime slab of Austrian black metal in the form of Aurea Aetas by Grandeur, the band’s debut which you can pick up digitally FOR FREE (or name your price if you’d like to show a little support). Physical copies are due in August.

SEWER FIEND Feeling in the mood for some revolting death/doom? Well Sewer Rot Records have just released Echoes from the Cistern the debut by Sewer Fiend and it’s sounding delightfully gruesome. The cassette edition is already gone from bandcamp, but you can listen to the album here and if you dig it, pick up a digital copy.

ONE STEP CLOSER just announced on Run For Cover Records, This Place You Know by Pennsylvania’s One Step Closer promises to be a bold slab of modern hardcore and while the album is due out on September 24th, there’s a great looking, purple swirl vinyl edition you can pre-order now here where you can also listen to a preview track.

VESSEL OF INIQUITY You should know the deal by now, if it’s on California’s Sentient Ruin Laboratories it’s going to be a doorway into a hellish void of darkness and that by the sounds of it is what we’ve got with The Doorway by Vessel of Iniquity. Due out on August 6th this “horrific experiment of overwhelming sensorial annihilation”, as the band puts it, sounds like it’ll be crushing. There are cassette and vinyl pre-orders available here alongside a preview track.

HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH (HPGD) have just announced a batch of new t-shirts for US Grindcore/Death Metal group Covered in Sores to coincide with their upcoming compilation Civilian Casualties. You can also choose from a wide range of other band t-shirts the label has on offer here.

DEBEMUR MORTI PRODUCTIONS of Paris, France pride themselves on the diversity of their catalogue and not only does the label feature a very cool mix of underground metal (with an emphasis on the black), they’ve also just added some rather spiffing t-shirts. Check out the label’s merch page on bandcamp here where you’ll also find some great vinyl pressings.

As you can see, The Underground Updates has received quite the makeover and we do hope it will still be to your liking. We aim to continue to bring to you information and updates on various activities and offers, and of course above all else hope to see live shows and band tours once again in the near future!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**