Ireful – The Walls of Madness

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Band: Ireful
Title: The Walls of Madness
Label: Defense Records (European edition – CD)
Release Date: 08 March 2021
Country: Italy
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

I do not know many bands from Italy playing Thrash Metal but luckily the ones I know are very good. Ireful is now one of those bands. So, I must say thank you Matteo for getting in touch with Blessed Altar Zine.

This EP named “The Walls of Madness” is the first release of this band from Palermo, Sicily in Italy. And a very good good release of Thrash Metal like I already mentioned above.

It’s devided in 5 songs and the whole work is very well done, very catchy, very well played and with a very good old way Thrash Metal spirit.

The first song named “Panzerschreck” is a song with a lot of groove, very good one indeed. The “typical” Thrash Metal riffs, those that make you do some headbanging are there and the faster ones didn’t took to much time to appear. Very addictive that kind of riffs and on the chorus the backing vocals doing choir, not new I know but some damn good. At least to me.

The second song, “Fear and Loathing on U-96” is more mid-tempo, with the well-known Thrash Metal groove and riffs that my head can’t stop or my foot. Ahahahah. Long time I didn’t listen to some very well-done Thrash Metal. The vocals here are very good. The way the singer put it. Congratulations.

The third song, “Sicko’s Short Fuse” reminds me a bit of Defiance, at least the beginning. The mix of mid-tempo vs fast tempo are very well done, the passages, the riffs used, the choirs, the feeling. Man, I felt so damn good listening to this. I looked like a young kid doing air guitar and remembering my teenage time while listening to this.

The fourth song, “Rusty Nail” is the smaller song on the EP and reminds me of S.O.D. cause of that and also cause of the riffs and again the choirs here and there.

Finally (unfortunately) the last song named “The Walls of Madness”. The song that gives the name of the EP. Maybe the song more elaborated in this whole EP and maybe the song with more tempo changes.

After many times listening to this EP, I found, or at least to me, it sounds that, many influences of Tankard, S.O.D. a bit of old Kreator here and there, some Forbidden, Nuclear Assault too or Dark Angel.

It’s a very good “tribute” to the 80s` Thrash Metal spirit. It was a very good surprise to me, a very good listening even if what I heard is not new, but is very well done. I hope I will have the pleasure to listen to again this band in a near future. Congratulations to all the members of this amazing band. One last one, the Japan edition has two bonus tracks, one cover and the song “Rusty Nail” but live. 8/10 The Key Keeper 666



8/10 To greatness and glory!
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