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The end of May is just about rolling around, doesn’t that mean payday is coming up? What better way to celebrate that than to read the newest article of The Underground Update with our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman.

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Burning Witches

In celebration of their new album The Witch of the North, Burning Witches plans a live release show completely free of charge and accessible for fans all over the world! Even if the show is free, you can support the band in different ways, such as buying “support tickets” of different sorts. The show will take place this coming Friday, May 28th, and can be accessed on this link. And of course, should you wish to purchase the new album, you can find it right over here.

Band: Nightwish

Finally the day is coming that Nightwish will go through with their event An Evening with Nightwish in a Virtual World, after having been pushed back. On May 28th in Europe and 29th in North and South America the events will take place, and since these are rescheduled dates the tickets purchased for the original events will be honored. If you didn’t get your ticket previously you can head over here to secure one, choosing between a normal ticket and a VIP ticket, and of course a recording of the shows can be watched for 48 hours afterwards.

Band: Death Angel

Streaming worldwide on May 29th, Death Angel has been preparing for a while to bring us The Bastard Tracks. All the time information according to where you live can be found on the band’s Facebook Page, as well as over here where you will also find tickets. Last but not least make sure you check the band’s official webpage to make sure all is in order.

Band: Kaal Akuma

Wondering what some skull-crushing death metal from Bangladesh would sound like? Originally released on CD back in January, “In The Mouth of Madness” the debut album by Kaal Akuma is now available to pre-order on several extremely limited vinyl editions (due July 1st), on Germany’s Dunkelheit Produktionen, who’ve been putting out some really great, heavy music recently. Check out the versions here.

Band: Nifrost

Just announced on the Dusktone label, “Orkja”, the new album by Norway’s viking pagan black metal group Nifrost will be released on June 25th. There are currently two preview tracks you can listen to and a range of different versions you can pre-order, including limited vinyl editions and a canvas bag that comes with all sorts of goodies. And if this music floats your boat you might consider signing up to a monthly subscription with Dusktone that’ll give you access to all the label’s digital catalogue. Click here to visit the label’s bandcamp page and see all the options.

Band: Withered

Categorising themselves as “tortured blackened doom” (yup, sounds about right), Atlanta, Georgia’s Withered will be releasing their latest landslide of monstrously heavy riffing Verloren on Season of Mist on June 18th. Those feeling an itch for some gigantic, apocalyptic landscapes may find this just the ticket. Vinyl copies are selling fast, but you can still pick a copy up here as well as some merch to go with the release.

Band: Acausal Intrusion

Fans of abrasive, heavy, avant-garde metal should do themselves a favour and check out Italy’s I Voidhanger Records. The label’s latest release, the technical death metal of “Nulitas” by Acausal Intrusion, is as mind-melting as the album artwork suggests. There’s a very cool looking double vinyl edition to be had here, and you can see what other weird and wonderful releases the label has while you’re at it.

Obviously, once again, a whole new week is ahead of us full of activities and goodies to be purchased to keep us occupied and entertained, so we strongly suggest you take advantage of it all and have a great last week of May!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**