źmiarćvieły – čornaje połymia

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Band: źmiarćvieły
Title: čornaje połymia
Label: Caligari Records
Release Date: 06 May 2021
Country: Belarus
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording

You scream into the icy howling wind and your voice is snatched from your mouth, whipped away into the blistering blizzard. Now intensely cold, and isolated you realise that you have been silenced by the stinging blast. Fully disarmed and disoriented, there’s nothing left to do but give in and be consumed by the roaring force surrounding you. But as you exhale to accept your fate… it’s over. You are released from the almighty grip and left dazed wondering what the hell just occurred.

This overly dramatic, flowery little passage pretty much sums up my experience with the debut demo “čornaje połymia” by źmiarćvieły, which was released earlier this month through Caligari records. There is currently very little information available on the mysterious black metal project, but as far as I can tell the outfit hails from Belarus. The identity of any member/member is undisclosed so I’m unable to offer much of a backstory here.

The demo has four tracks and runs for a fierce and fleeting 18 minutes, which feels like such a tiny morsel and barely enough to gauge what this new act really has to offer. Nevertheless, what źmiarćvieły present here is intriguing, and for the most part, simple, elegant, raw black metal. The track “I” serves as a moody synth opener, while track “II” is a gritty, melodic instrumental piece. The real action cuts in at tracks “III” and “IV”. Here we find the cold aggression and the rough, lo-fi elements that the subgenre is known for, delivered with an honest second-wave feel. Track “III” was the clear stand out for me, with eerie riffs, diabolical vocal delivery, and a seeming familiarity that just makes me feel comfortable.

With their debut demo “čornaje połymia”, źmiarćvieły have thrown themselves into the ever-growing black metal pond. Sadly, the size of the offering means that there may not be much of a splash. However, I really had some moments of pure enjoyment with this release, and their sound has real promise. For now, I’ll eagerly await a full-length album. 7/10 Proua Metallist.

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7/10  Victory is possible
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