Dodsrit – Mortal Coil

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Band: Dodsrit
Title: Mortal Coil
Label: Wolves of Hades Records
Release date: 28 May 2021
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Dodsrit are a successful union of black metal and crust. You hear both influences of sound throughout this four-song album, with some of the songs going deeper into black metal, and some giving the crust portion of this collaboration a lot of attention.

Band members are up to the task on the instruments, vocals and create strong, elemental music for those listeners who enjoy this mashup of genres. Let me introduce you to the band: Christoffer Oster, lead vocals & guitar; Jelle, bass; Geor, also guitar, and Brendan Duffy, drums. All of these members have played or still play for other bands, and thus, have been around enough to hone their individual talents, and those are well displayed on this album.

Dodsrit who hail from Sweden, began their journey in 2017, releasing a self-titled album, following that up with another full-length album entitled “Spirit Crusher”. Now, on May comes their third album, “Mortal Coil” which I will dive into shortly and try with my words to tell you about this new effort from them.

The first track is “The Third Door”, and a sample of the lyrics go like this – “Drenched in blood, shed my skin, throw your bones into my tomb, mend its guilt, to its cave, leave this body, for its frail..” This begins in the black metal guitar style, with a powerful riff that keeps on hitting hard. Tremolos are on par, and add more to this song. Vocal style is shrieked, and dripping in anger and angst. Mid way through a drum solo takes center stage and is expertly performed. Guitars are talking here, back and forth to the drums and then the vocals come back in furious shrieks, and strength. Towards the end of this track, the sound takes a turn towards more black metal bleakness and some atmospheric final notes.

The second track, “Shallow Graves”, and a sample of these lyrics are: “There is no way back towards all that we left in the past, when marching forward on this cold and lonesome path. Leading us towards our shallow tomb, leading us towards the hell we call our home..” This song has a different guitar styling, swinging from almost a heavy metal hard felt presence to the cold, icy feeling of black metal. The mixing back and forth is timed and plays well against each. The combination of vocals and guitar make this a seamless performance.

The third track “Mortal Coil” and some lyrics from this one are: “Trembling words slip from my mouth, a warm breath soaked in guilt. Time pretends to heal my wounds, so I can wither from within and never heal..”. Starting in a relentless power riff and feathering layering guitar on top, soon the riff gets heavier and more energized drums add to the overall feeling of energy in this beginning section. The vocal is shrieked and full of fury. A slowing guitar riff, almost arduous takes a place and the layering of another guitar comes back on top. A speaking moment for me, words could go here definitely, but I’m glad that there aren’t any, and the guitar solo, again the heavy metal styling, jumps in and hangs on. Without knowing a lot about this band, this song to me sums up their sound. Encompassing the punk inspiration found in crust and the darkened feel of black metal.

Lastly, “Apathetic Tongues”, with a portion of the lyrics being, “ Let me rest here on my own, for there is no place where I belong. Maybe the depths will appreciate what I am worth..” Oh wow, tremolo beginning and feeding back forth to the darker feel of this song, both in vocal and pure energy going to that negative depth of pain. More rhythmic guitar section to counterbalance the beginning, a really good contrast. Vocals are shrieking, (what does this man have for a voice after a performance) because he really gives it. As the track continues to more instrumental performance, the skill of the band members blending their instruments together is very evident.

Atmosphere is being threaded through the ending part of the track, giving that variation that adds to it and fills it more. Angst ridden and bitter tasting is the feel of the vocal as it closes out the song.

Without knowing Dodsrit very well, I can say that the blending of crust and black metal is served with a nod towards atmospheric metal and some heavy too. It’s not a traditional black metal sound that they have achieved here, rather it’s an infusion of styles that highlight how successful the mixing of genres is and how it moves the listener to just say “I’m going to listen to this”.

Give Dodsrit a listen and you may find yourself surprised and pleased by what you hear. I give this a 7.5/10 Metal Marie

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