Nachtig – Der stille Wald

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Band: Nachtig
Album: Der stille Wald
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: 21 March 2021
Country: Germany
Format Reviewed:  High-quality Digital Recording

Nachtig is a one-person project, powerfully cold, and melancholy sounding.  V.V. is the only listed band member, and if you need an idea of who V.V. is, he is also of Valosta Varjoon which I had the pleasure of reviewing in March of this year.  His vocal treatments are stellar, with his sentiment towards arranging music to hit emotional depths.  Beautifully raw black metal and distressful notes that stay with you long after you have heard the album.    

Nachtig”, (“night) began its a metal journey in Germany, 2017.  Completing Demos in 2018 (two of them), a compilation in 2019, and the first full-length album in 2019, entitled “Nachtig”. Now today, I’m writing to you about the newest release, “Der stille Wald”, which, translated means, “the quiet forest”.  Personally, I love anything that takes me into a forest, with its hushed darkness, dappled sunlight shadow, and wildlife.  

All of the tracks in this album are longer, giving the listener pauses and moments, some more brutal and dark, others more uplifting.  We start with “Der stille Wald”, (The Quiet Forest), which hits in the atmosphere of melancholy, with the guitar seeming to pick up energy and drop off.  Much like a mood can be.  V.V. sings in a harsh whisper to me, (maybe because I am accustomed to vocals like his), with power and emotion grabbing more heart and strength as the track progresses.  Strong DSBM representation here as well.  Definitely beautiful and thoughtful sounding.

Next, “Im Hohen Gras”, (In the High Grass), begins in a more uplifting rhythm of guitar and atmosphere.  V.V. lays it down again, with the savage scream of his vocal, and the melancholic note.  This track continues to build atmosphere, with the slower pacing of riffs, and points of instrumental alone, without voice. Soon the riffing is more rapid in this, more of a beat is being layered in.  This one is not wholly black metal, he’s picked up other influences here and combined them to make a unique sound. 

Third, “Berg und Tal” (Mountain and Valley), oh very beautiful strumming of strings, just that little intro to the track, with atmospheres of dreamy keyboards entering in.  Atmospherical soothing sounds.  His vocal is screamed in this, but it’s not harsh to my ears.  Feels that he is following along with the tempo of the atmosphere and setting a place to be lulled by nature sounds and mind being able to wander freely.  This track gives way to more of a beat being introduced here, reminding me of a post-black metal sound.  It’s successful and adds more differences to the track. 

Fourth, “Auf ewig mein” (Forever Mine) is a piano sound opening to this track, one of those rhythms that grow to add more layers.  Guitar riffing is rapid and there all of a sudden, an extreme to an extreme.  This track for me goes on and on, with similar sounds. It’s good, but also not a track that evidences change. 

Finally, “Wenn die Hoffnung Stirbt” (When Hope Dies), much darker sounding, the vocal has a tortured quality to it here, and guitars hold the melancholy with the atmosphere.  Beautiful sounds of nature at the end, birds flying and calling.

To me, this a black metal blending of sounds, some post-black metal mixed with raw.  As well, the beat in some of the tracks has a different quality, which to me only adds more interest. If I had to say one thing after listening to this album, its solace, and black metal.  Very beautiful and sad too. 7.5/10 Metal Marie



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