Mother of All – Age of the Solipsist

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Band: Mother of All
Title: Age of the Solipsist
Label: Black Lion Records
Release date: 11 June 2021
Country: Denmark
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

When I was looking up the release date of my pick this week, I was a bit surprised honestly. 11th of June? It feels like that’s months away! But then you stop and realize that we are already pretty much halfway through April and June is just around the corner. Are there going to be any shows?

Well, either way, the upcoming debut full-length album from Mother of All will be released, titled “Age of the Solipsist”. Now, I might be out of the practice reviewing things since I have been on a leave lately, but let´s give it a go, shall we?

“Autumn” was first up with some rather intriguing black metal-influenced death. It comes with aggression and power although braided with acoustic guitars and an almost salsa vibe. Overall, quite nice and listenable without becoming cluttered, although the production appears cheap but it comes with a very digital-sounding distortion and muddy drums. “We don’t Agree” on the other hand opens with a technical-sounding riff and diverse drumming; bands like Death come to mind with the delicateness but for sure there is a lot more of thrash going on here than in the first one.

“Curators of our World” contains lots of odd time signature riff runs; although a fun track with many different show-off segments taking place one after another, it does make me wonder if this was just composed in the recording process instead of actually being played. “Age of the Solipsist” is of course the title track, and right off the back its heard that this is a banger of a track. Quite melodic death a la Amon Amarth but with much higher emphasis on groove and atmosphere.

Quite the heavy, bone-crushing riff starts out “At the Edge of a Dream” and it’s interesting to say the least how the guitars add some subtle melodies in the chunky riffs, and the love of thrash continues to shine through with “Blood Still Owed”. “Feel the Pain” finally closes this work with of course a metal foundation, however, this one is very different from the previous tracks.

This album is definitely a trip to the amusement park. More than just one kind of a ride attraction and this is sort of all over the place when it comes to musical genres. The red thread remains throughout the album, and the braided balance was definitely necessary. However, a struggle may be ahead as it is often hard to get recognition when so many genres are included and there might be a bit of missing identity. But like I said; very much fun, different sort of tracks, almost like a compilation album by a record label showing off all of their different acts. 7/10 Julia Katrin


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