Altar of Patrons #17

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Band: Malice Divine
Title: Malice Divine
Release date: 19 February 2021
Country: Canada

Is it just me, or do there really emerge that many solo projects at the moment? And there are some really strong representatives around, so my next shout-out goes to MALICE DIVINE,which might appeal to fans of bands like Dissection, Skeletonwitch or Wintersun. Toronto based guitarist Ric Galvez is the mastermind behind MALICE DIVINE, and he just releasedthe self-titled debut album on February 19th. Since he wanted to have the entire creative control, he’s accompanied by Dylan Gowan on session drums, but vocals, guitars and bass were recorded by himself. Lyric-wise, Ric found its inspiration in psychology, spirituality, and divination, as well as in personal experiences, especially those with overcoming difficulties and sorrows.  

What stands out for me from the beginning is the guitar playing: the riffs are aggressive, highly inspired by black and death metal, and so is the rhythmic. They build up an epic counterpart to the bright, virtuosic layers, and Ric Galvez shows a lot of variety here. You can also find soft, acoustic parts, that fit very well. The vocals often take over the rhythm of the guitar with dark growls and black metal rasps, but not the melody. On the one side, this is an interesting contrast to the warm guitar tone, but at some points I’d welcome more variation in the vocal style.

MALICE DIVINE convinces with great musicianship, amazing song-writing and a solid production. Considering that this is a debut makes things even more impressive, and you can hear that here’s an experienced musician at work. The different influences bring in an amazing variety, whether it’s the beauty of classical and neoclassical music or the darkness of black and death metal. Fans of melodic blackened death metal and virtuoso guitar playing should lend him an ear.  

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Track List
1. Somnium Lucidus
2. Quantum Manifestation
3. Malicious Divinity
4. Triumphant Return
5. Into Subconscious Depths
6. Ancient Visions
7. In Time
8. Intuitive Realization
9. The Transcendence Of Isolation

Ric Galvez – Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Dylan Gowan – Drums (Session)

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