BAZ Underground Updates XLVIII

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It never ceases to amaze our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman how the week appears to go by so quickly, and how they always feel like they do nothing but prepare the week´s Underground Updates article to hopefully notify our readers of some fun upcoming activities and interesting offers on fabulous band merchandise. Of course, this first week of March is no different!

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Activity: Dungeons & Dragons Twitch Stream

Last week we mentioned members of Allegaeon, Cult of Lilith, Capra and Kardashev getting together to live stream their game of Dungeons & Dragons on Metal Blade Records twitch, and in case you enjoyed watching that we are happy to inform you that they will be repeating the act on the same channel this coming Friday, March 5th and we assume they will have a hoot and a half. Of course, the watch is free as before, and we suspect that this event might become a regular activity so make sure you save the twitch and check out the calendar provided.

Band: Machine Head

Also on Twitch, Robb and Jared of Machine Head hold their Electric Happy Hour on Fridays where they cover the group´s headbanging anthems surely with a beer in one hand and the horns held high with the other. The channel belongs (we assume from the name) to Robb and you can simply head over here to check it out.

Fundraiser: For the Nomads

As time goes by, we like to regularly remind our readers of the wonderful work that For the Nomads continues to do for the people who unexpectedly lost their jobs with the pandemic following no shows or appearances. These are the people we have to thank to ever have seen any concert at all, as they do that hard work that follows being a touring crew member in the music industry. So, a reminder is of course in order, so make sure you check out their Facebook page, their official website, as well as you can check this one in order to make a direct donation.

Band: Rituals of the Dead Hand

Sometimes all it takes is one preview track to grab your attention and have you eagerly awaiting a new release. So it is for us with Belgium’s doomy, Black Metal band Rituals of the Dead Hand and their forthcoming album “With Hoof and Horn”. Following the band’s 2018 debut “Blood Oath”, the latest album is due for release on May 1st on Germany’s Dunkelheit Produktionen. Naturally (as the feature on these pages) there are limited vinyl editions, merch and all kinds of cool bundles available to go along with the release that you can pre-order here. Be sure to check out their debut too and stay tuned for an interview  with the band in the coming weeks. 

Band: Celestial Sanctuary

Cambridge, England may be most famous for its internationally renowned university, but fuck that what you want to know about is the awesome, stomping Death Metal the city’s Celestial Sanctuary are brewing in the form of their debut album “Soul Diminished”. Due for release on March 26th through Redefining Darkness Records, you can pre-order the album on limited coloured vinyl or CD here for US customers or here for UK customers. The first vinyl pressing already sold out, so you can be sure we aren’t the only ones excited by this release.

Band: Body Void

Oooooh what have we here! Slow, grizzly, noisy Sludge Metal is the order of the day as San Francisco’s Body Void announce their forthcoming album “Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth”. Due for release on April 23rd, the album includes a track called “Laying Down in a Forest Fire”. How could you not love this!? These dirges will crush your spirit, but that’s how diamonds are formed, right? Head over to bandcamp to check out the limited vinyl, CD and merch options.

Even if we feel like we don’t do anything but search for activities and offers for our weekly article, it never seems like we get tired of it either. All we hope for is that you will enjoy the offers at hand and take advantage of them in order to support the great artists we so long to see live once again, hopefully as soon as possible.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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