Split – Torresian Call / Welldweller

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Band: Torresian Call / Welldweller
Title: Split
Label: Eternal Death
Release Date: 12 February 2021
Country:  Australia / USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Get your teeth ready because today we gnaw into the gritty underground scene to sniff out a black metal truffle, worth it’s weight in cult.

Earlier this month Eternal Death unleashed a limited edition (150 copies) split cassette featuring debut offerings from two exciting new raw black metal projects Torresian Call and Welldweller.

Side one contains material from Torresian Call, an Australian black metal act formed in 2020 by solo member Againwalker. A prolific mastermind that has a string of other acts such as Blödskog, Meaningless, Tarmblod and the eponymous act Againwalker.

Torresian Call offers five tracks that range in length from one to four minutes and that are named and numbered by the roman numerals I to V. The sound is super lo-fi, earthy, stark and dry as a pile of bones bleached by the scorching summer sun. This is pure, unadulterated raw black metal but with a few surprising quirks and is sure to satisfy those who enjoy the most abrasive forms of the genre.

Side two is dedicated to Welldweller a one-man US black metal project, founded in 2020 and fronted by Vu (also from Vampyric). In contrast to side one, this side contains a single, epic 10m 15s track “Witch”. This track is frigid, utterly diabolical and almost paralysing in it’s fiendish delivery. It conjures a crippling cold fear akin to a nightmare where you are a disoriented child hopelessly lost and feeling your way through a dark labyrinth of underground tunnels, terrified of what lurks in the shadows that are engulfing you.   

This split release has paired two amazingly talented new projects that both managed to deliver stunning debut efforts. If you are the type whose music choices leave them feeling pummelled and beaten into submission then this will be a crude but satisfying experience. Which brings me to the point that this style of black metal is probably best for the well-seasoned, veteran fans of the genre. It is rough, hostile and possibly inaccessible to those that are less accustomed to something so acrimonious. Having said that I would still encourage everyone to give this a try, you never know, you may enjoy an adventure into the terrifying and inhospitable world of raw black metal. 7.5/10 Proua Metallist


7.5/10 Victory is possible
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