BAZ Underground Updates XLVII

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It’s odd how time didn’t appear to be moving at all as 2021 rolled around, January was almost like the longest year recorded in human history but now all of a sudden March is just around the corner and life continues as always, doesn’t it?

Well, at least that’s how life is going for our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman, who are once again ready with their weekly article of the Underground Updates.

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Diablo Strange

Planning on a relaxing Sunday evening? Once again, the series Metal Afternoon by Slanted Glass Productions and Moncton Show Events strikes with some entertainment on the weekend for absolutely free as always as Diablo Strange makes an appearance on the upcoming Facebook live stream. So, if you fancy old school heavy rock with a modern twist, as they label themselves as, all you need to do is head over here and get ready.

Event: Voice chat with David Åkesson

Now, there is no reason to be bored at all this coming Saturday as David Åkesson plans to invite Tommy Johansson to join him in a very special voice chat on his Instagram. To clear up in case you aren’t aware, David has ties to Quantice, Moonlight Agony, Aldaria and Legend of Valley Doom and Tommy of course entertains fans of Majestica and Sabaton. It is safe to say that this Saturday evening will be a power metal fiesta as the two team up for a voice chat. Remember, it will take place on David´s Instagram, so make sure to get the app and find him there under @Davidakessonsinger.

Event: Dungeons and Dragons Twitch Stream

A little bit unorthodox, however, we do know there are all sorts of people out there who seek entertainment and enjoy both metal as well as games, so we see no reason of why we shouldn’t broaden our horizons and include a Dungeons and Dragon Twitch Stream game coming up this Friday February 26th which will include members from Allegaeon, Cult of Lilith, Capra and Kardashev sitting down together and having fun for an evening. Check out this Twitch channel belonging to Metal Blade Records to see the game and enjoy the coming Friday!

Band: Altarage

In this wide world of extreme metal one never knows where the next delight will appear from. This time around it’s via Spain in the form of extreme death metal unit Alterage and their forthcoming album “Succumb” on Seasons of Mist, which judging by the preview track can probably rip the hinges off your front door at 50 paces. April 23rd will see the official release of the album, but if you like what you hear, don’t hang about because limited edition vinyl copies are going fast. You can pre-order the album on double gold or black vinyl (plus CD and digital) from bandcamp or from the label’s website where there are shipping options for folks living outside of the ‘murica.

Band: Spire

Whenever you see the name Sentient Ruin Laboratories pop up you can be sure you are about to hear some seriously intense music. This time around it’s the dark, atmospheric black metal of Australia’s Spire that has entered our orbit with their new album “Temple of Khronos”. Limited colour vinyl is already all gone, but you can still get your hands on the regular vinyl, CD, cassette and digital copies here

Band: Socioclast

But in case that wasn’t fucked up enough for you, how about some skull crushing grindcore? If that sounds like your bag, California’s Carbonized Records have just released the eponymous debut album by Socioclast and… well, it’s damn heavy. The album artwork is already seriously cool, so why would you not want red and black vinyl copy to fit neatly inside? There’s also a regular black vinyl edition and you can pick them both up here. I think your neighbours are probably asking for some of this, no?

Band: The Ember, The Ash

One would have to assume that you aren’t listening to glitchy, metalcore every day. We certainly can’t recall listening to something quite like the new album from Ottawa’s The Ember, The Ash. With the band’s last album having a heavy symphonic black metal feel to it, the teaser track from the latest album “Fixation” is an intriguing prospect. However the full album pans out, it’s definitely one to keep an eye on and if you want to take the plunge early, head to bandcamp to see the many different versions you can pre-order, including some cool, coloured vinyl.

It sure appears as if artists and labels are nowhere near giving up and crawling into a den to hide out from the pandemic, and as always are working hard on bringing us the fans as many goodies and funsies we could ever ask for while sitting and home bored out of our minds. So let’s appreciate our options as much as we wash our horns.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**