Revulsion – Revulsion

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Band: Revulsion
Title: Revulsion
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Release date: 05 February 2021
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Well, another week, there is no stopping time is there?

Revulsion hails from Finland, now with their self-titled debut album and it sure was a nice welcoming break from my ever-busy lifestyle. Sometimes you just need a little Finnish death metal, don’t you? Not to mention that seeing any metal come out of Finland is always interesting.

“Last Echoes of Life” is quite the nice first impression in the form of old school sludgy metal, honestly sort of like a meatier version of Vomitory. Vocals can only be described as wet which brings on even more appropriate vibe. “Walls” starts out with a riff; however the bass player starts to shine through and instantly you get the feeling that this is a quality band. Through the cascade of meaty riffs there is a present melody sense even if the tracks do sound similar being in this genre, but they are diverse enough to sound relevant.

“Lihaan Sidottu Kirja” is a textbook death metal track. While Revulsion really does do all their influences justice there isn’t anything new being brought to the table. However, when the wheel has already been invented isn’t it better to improve its usage rather than trying to invent it all over again? Finnish sounds suiting for death metal, with harsh phrasing and hard consonants. Finnish melancholy breaks through “Unravel”, I wonder if that is what the Finnish call sisukas, nevertheless I do enjoy the small jumps from the traditional trail.

“Pawns” acts as a certain filler where you sort of know what you are in for as soon as it starts. Its easy to put in your memory and the backing force of this group does what is expected of them. “Viimeinen Rituaali” is the last in line and instantly there is a screaming sign that the group had something in mind here then just textbook death metal. More sophisticated thing has been created rather than just a banger of a song where fast speed is not the foundation. With an unsettling and chaotic ending with intensified rage and aggression you just know, as stated before, that the wheel isn’t being reinvented, however it is being put into good use.

This group´s biggest problem would only be the fact that they tend to be just like any other band in a huge pile of similar bands. And it appears as if they know that already because obviously, they created interesting enough riffs to make the listener enjoy the almost 37 minutes long album without switching to something different. They live up to the usual Finnish standards, well performed and produced death metal with aloooot of influences. 7.5/10 Julia Katrin


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7.5/10 Victory is possible
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