Random Earworms XIII – Véhémence – Par le Sang Versé

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Hail to the gods of metal! For today we have one of my favourite recurring BAZ features “Random Earworms”, where one writer chooses an album for the whole team to critique. This time I was lucky enough to be nominated to select a title, so I committed myself to deep contemplation and weighed up my options. In the end I opted for French medieval black metal outfit Véhémence and their 2019 release ‘Par Le Sang Versé’. This album is one of my favourites, so let’s see what everyone else had to say.

Band: Véhémence
Title: Par le Sang Versé
Label: Antiq Records
Release date: 15 February 2019
Country: France

Proua Metallist

‘Par Le Sang Versé’ is a victorious and stirring medieval black metal album that exhibits the seamless interlacing of all the essential elements of the subgenre. The delivery is earnest, impassioned and meticulously detailed, with triumphant melodies, and dynamic, spirited atmospheres. This atop a cold, commanding and hostile foundation of black metal aggression. read more

The inclusion of enchanting flute passages, beautifully plucked acoustic guitar, tambourine and even scraping sword blades adds vibrancy and depth. The experience is so immersive that one can conjure a range of imagery from the ferocity and horrors of medieval battle, and cold, damp dungeons, to jubilant, fanciful noble affairs down to the struggles of the serfs in the street. From start to finish it is just a clean and flawless presentation and always leaves me feeling sharp, invincible and, oddly enough, exuberant.

Metal Marie’s reaction:

This week, “Vehemence, Par Le Sang Verse ”  was chosen and I will admit, this one did slip past my ears.  Saying that,  I am glad to say, that this is a great day to discover a new band for me.  So, now to check out this band from France and their take on black metal.  To preface, this band utilizes many instruments to enrich this album, in a way, giving a taste to all that is epic about metal. read more

This band brings it together, blending ambient sounds, killer riffs, flute, trumpet, keyboards, bugle-horn, saxhorn, and drums.  Bringing in medieval, folk, pagan, and black metal in a mixing that is different. It’s those differences that make this album memorable.  The variety of sounds in this album ensure the listener, that there will be aspects that will be “Hmmm, not sure about that? …To oh hell yes! this is what I love. At least for me as a listener.  I feel that the more I listen to this album the more I’d get out of it, that’s how much I appreciate what I’ve heard. 

The first one, is “Epopee”, a sweeping atmospheric beginning.  Definitely grabs attention, with the instruments as I mentioned, the singing styles of clean to harsh, and excellent guitar riffs.  Next, “L’a Sorciere”, hits in that atmospheric black metal vocal.  This track travels to a melodic metal inflection, to a folksy pagan feel as well.  As earlier stated, the variety of sound in this is not to be overlooked.

Third in, “LeTrange Clairiere”, beautifully fluted, folk, and giving your mind places to imagine.  I can see this being an interlude to come back to again and again. The next one that jumped out to me was “Le Sous Bois, A Trois Lieues Du Chateau”, this one again, ambient, simple flute melodies, the acoustic guitar feels warm and welcoming to my ears. 

“Passage Dans Les Douves” carries that rich melding of styles, black metal, screeching, and guitar tremolos, one on top of the other.  It all works, is blended and full sounding. Then,  back to the flute, which I must say, I’m beginning to really love in this mix. It’s a stand-alone moment.  The rest of the song, ohh riffs and deeper growled vocals. Oh yes, this is what I love.  This track is my favorite of the whole album.

Concluding track is “La Fronde Des Anges”, which begins with a choir vocal, which is the background to meaty guitars coming in.  This last track leaves the listener with a wish to see what else this band can create.

The Key Keeper 666’s reaction:

Oh my… The album was released in 2019? Really? I remember listening to and it looks that was just a few months ago. Really? It will do 2 years that was released this very damn good album? read more

Well, it looks like. So it was damn good to listen to again this very good album like I said above.

This album has plenty of good things. Fast parts, melodic parts, acoustic parts, folk parts, epic moments and… Atmospheric parts…

All those things make this album a very good one but.., In my opinion not many persons knows this very good damn band.

Hope this article manage to help them. Check them.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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