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In the last 5 years or more, the Eastern Europe bands are getting better and better. In my opinion they always were, and I have a big collection of tapes, cds and a few vinyl from bands coming from there… But I also admit that in the 90s’ and beginning of the 00s’ only a few bands were really good in the eyes of the majotity of the metalheads. Well, the reasons are too many to write here, and I will not do it…

So, cause of that and of what you will read in the following lines, I decided to do a special article about one band from Russia.

The band is Ikotka

Let me start to talk about the name of the band, and from what I could find about it is a bit funny too. You will read what I mean.

Ikotka is a demon from the North of Russia who lives in men for years but
Икотка is Russian for hiccups.

I tried to know more about the Ikotka demon but I was not very lucky.

So let me start to talk about the band itself and how it happened…
I was “surfing” on the net and found a new album from one Russian band that I have been following. I shared it on my personal Twitter account. And then… The person behind it contacted me and said “Thank you a lot for sharing one of the projects that I’m in”.

This person was not strange to me cause we traded some DM before and with my Tweet, we started to trade again. Talking about music and then he showed me his main project, but he likes to stay incognito. I respect that and I will not share who you are.

And this was how I started to know the band Ikotka.
The band is moving inside the Atmospheric Black Metal style and even if the first release is a good one, is not what the band is doing nowadays. The style is there, but the music is more “raw” when I compare with the latests releases.

From the beginning of the Ikotka career till the end I hope you notice the evolution of the band and also try to understand where they are trying to reach or do. Is a procedure that many bands can’t do it correctly, and ups and downs happen, but with Ikotka I didn’t have that feeling inside me.

From release to release can be equal of the previous one in quality or higher, but never below. At least in my opinion.

All the releases were released by the band and almost all were released later in physical format. Except for the “Причитания” album. Released just in CD format. Check the details above.

Ikotka discography:

“Заговор” – Full-length – 03 July 2020
(Re-released in CD format by Soundage Productions on 31 July 2020)

“Сиротиночка” – EP – September 2020
(Re-released in Tape format by Nithstang Productions around October if I’m not by mistake)

“Плач вдовы по мужу” – EP – October 2020
(Re-released in tape format by Mystical Infernal Cult Productions on 20 December 2020)

“Плач об убитом Громом​-​молнией” – EP December – 2020
(Only Digital format available)

“Забавы” EP – December 2020
(Only Digital format available)

“Причитания” Compilation – December 2020
(Released in Cd format by Soundage Productions)

This release includes the 3 EP’s released by the band. “Сиротиночка”, “Плач вдовы по мужу” and “Забавы”.


Ikotnik Grigorij – Drums
Ikotnik Yakov – Guitars
Ikotnik Venedikt – Vocals, Bass

Hope you will listen to this very good band.
The Key Keeper 666


**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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