BAZ Underground Updates XLIII

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As a positive indicator, it is worth mentioning that the reduction of live streams in the current world situation is a great thing, this might be a pointer that we will soon enough actually be able to stand up from our computers and TVs, on the other hand, for our BAZ writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman this fact does reduce the number of announcements and pointers we have to offer. However, you can be sure that no stone will be left unturned and as yet another week has rolled around we do need to keep ourselves occupied after all.

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Scour

So, the black metal group Scour plans quite the show for us to enjoy this coming Friday, January 29th, that is set to coincide with their last year release The Black EP. Not only will they perform the black one in full, but also The Grey EP as well as The Red EP. Now, hopefully they are planning to continue with the entire rainbow to keep us entertained, but that’s not all, of course that isn’t all! While you can get your ticket here, there is also a jackpot going which will reward the winner with an autographed drum head signed by all of the Scour members! What you must do in order to enter, is to simply buy a ticket to the live stream and share their post on Facebook. Also where you can find your ticket, you can also find packages and exclusive merchandise to go with it!

Band: Gaerea

More black metal, more black metal, more black metal! there is never too much black metal is there? This coming Monday, the first of February, Gaerea will actually be hosting a 2-hour radio special via Gimme Metal. The radio show will stream in advance of the group´s upcoming virtual concert planned in mid-February, and we will remind you of that later for sure when time comes. This time however, the band has put together a special playlist and will of course interact with the listeners and answer questions during a Q&A. Keep in mind that during this time there will be a very special merch and ticket giveaway for the upcoming virtual concert so make sure to tune it and test your luck! To tune in you can head over here and sign up for free!

Band: Varmia

Whenever I see that a Black Metal band is from Poland (yeah this week really is a Black Metal-fest!) I think to myself that’s a pretty intense commitment in such a heavily Catholic society, but then I guess Black Metal is really all about antagonism against Christianity, so it makes sense. Varmia categorise themselves as “Pagan Black Metal” and theirs is definitely a violently intense sound, like a battering ram against the gates. “bal Lada” the band’s third album is due out on March 12th on M-Theory Audio and from the preview tracks it sounds like a little ripper. There’s a limited vinyl, a CD and a digital option, as well as some bundle offers including t-shirts available to pre-order. Check them all out on bandcamp and follow the band to stay up to date with future news.

Band: Ghosts of Atlantis

For those who enjoy the operatic extravagance of Cradle of Filth you may enjoy the forthcoming debut album release by England’s Ghosts of Atlantis. “” is due for release on March 26th on Black Lion Records. In the meantime you can pre-order the album on limited coloured vinyl, CD, digital and a bunch of bundle options here.

Band: Ad Nauseam

Italy’s Avantgarde Music stays true to its name with another release fit to liquify your brain with its otherworldly sounds. February 12th will see the release of “Imperative Imperceptible Impulse”, the second album by Ad Nauseam. Avantgarde? Jazz? Death Metal? Doom Metal? Sludge? All of the above and more. Check out the limited vinyl and CD options and follow the band here.

Band: Olde

The mighty Sludgelord Records have just announced they will be releasing the third album by dark and powerful Canadian Doom Metal band Olde. “Pilgrimage” is due for release on March 19th, but why wait till then, when right now you can snap up one of two limited coloured vinyl editions on pre-order? Do yourself a favour and head over to bandcamp.

Band: Deconsecration / Re-Buried

Mexico’s Chaos Records have a treat for those in need of some soothing (meaning bludgeoning) Death Metal, coming in the shape of a new split LP by “Deconsecration” and “Re-Buried”. Available in 4 very limited vinyl options (well ok 3, 1 of them is already sold out). Official release date is January 31st, but clearly these are selling like hot cakes, so head over to bandcamp and grab a copy if Death Metal is the tonic you’re in need of.

When we first decided to get going with the Underground Update article, the world was only just starting up on lockdowns and quarantines and the point was to support the artists and workers in need after having the rug pulled out from underneath their feet and all of a sudden suffering great financial loss for having to cancel their upcoming planned shows and appearances in the future. Although we always knew that the world would slowly get back to normal, it’s hard to think that soon this article series might come to an end when the world finally breaks free again and there won’t be a need for live streams and other things in order to support the artists. However, it is not quite time to give up on the social distancing and hand washing, so UU lives on another week.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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