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If we rewind two years back, we are in January 2019. The German band Ferndal had recently released their album “Singularitäten” (here), people of the world were free to roam around and I, well, a couple of months later I got a chance to review that particular album as a trial run with BAZ for the editors to value my possible writing skills and see if I was worthy of a spot on the team. Now that it was my turn to pick something for this weekend´s article Random Earworm, it seemed fun to turn back to a much better time and have everyone on the team experience this album which I still remember to be quite the nice one.

Band: Ferndal
Title: Singularitäten
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Release date: 11 January 2019
Country: Germany

Julia Katrin

The hour-long album contains nine tracks, which in memory consisted of a blend of black metal as well as Scandinavian folk sound. Surely my mind is not playing tricks on me nor making it more beautiful in my head, it still sounds as pleasant as it ever did, and I still believe that Ferndal has everything to offer those who chase after melodic black metal with classic influences. Weltenbraende is still in my own personal opinion one of the albums’ strongest tracks yet the balance between each track is what the album builds on. read more

It has been two years and oddly enough I haven’t heard anything of if Ferndal might be working on something more. The sound they offer is perhaps not as unique anymore as it was back then when “Singularitäten” was released but I do hope if they plan on releasing something new soon that they stick to what they have done so far but might bump up the production they had last time. I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat.

Tom Boatman’s rection:

Even as I listen to this album I know absolutely nothing about the band. I don’t know where they’re from, or whether they’re black, white or green, but I was not expecting a grand instrumental opening of piano and classical stringed instruments. Into a Metal sea shanty? read more

Four tracks in, just when I thought this must be an instrumental album, Black Metal vocals appeared. Only at the end I realize I’d been listening to the album on random play, well I guess that probably made the full listening experience not quite how it was intended, but I enjoyed it for the most part.

I would never choose to listen to this kind of grand, symphonic Black Metal, but some parts really appealed to me. Die Ferlorenen” has a very cool instrumental passage to end the track, and “Bringer Der Leere” I like a lot, “Weltenbrände” has great melodies and is the standout track. Turns out it’s track two and I thought it was the grand finale!

Proua Metallist’s reaction:

I have had no previous exposure to Ferndal, so for this edition of Random Earworms I thought it would be fun to just hit play on their album “Singularitäten” before doing any preliminary investigation into the act. Boy what a ride it was! read more

This album threw so many musical elements at me that I felt like a dartboard. From the metal genres there were shades of black, epic, symphonic, pagan, and atmospheric but with huge helpings of neoclassical grandeur. After listening to the album I did some quick research on the band and discovered that the German quintet includes a permanent cello player, which explained the heavy classical string sound. Throughout the album there are gobs of intense tremolo picking, crazy blast beats and raspy vocals, yet regardless of this rabid brutality, the addition of the cello provides a mournful, sorrowful, edge to all the tracks.

The inclusion of a cello in a black metal band feels novel and at times was stunning, however it’s presence in every track seems to be hard to balance. At times the strings felt intrusive or too prominent in the mix and I found myself trying to concentrate on what the rest of the band was doing. However, let it be said that I am not a classically trained musician and I possess a very unsophisticated ear so take my comments as you will. Where the cello really had it’s moment to shine bright was in track five, an instrumental, classical cover of Satyricon’sMother North”. This track is absolutely breathtaking and again a unique addition to an extreme metal album.

There are plenty of catchy melodies and riffs to be had on this album and I loved the juxtaposition of symphonic elegance and brutal black metal. I also enjoyed the vocal styles, including the occasional crooning of the pagan male chanting. Overall, the album has a sophisticated and mature feel about it, but for me personally it’s not entirely seamless. I truly enjoyed the experience of “Singularitäten”, I’m excited by the unique style of Ferndal and look forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future.

Metal Marie’s reaction:

Firstly, many thanks for Julia for recommending this band for Random Ear Worms. I enjoyed so much the sounds, the voiloncello added such flavor to this album. Very much appreciated to hear black metal blended with strings. Unique and beautiful… read more

The intro transports, the melancholic strings pulll you in, the sadness of the expression builds, and the tone is one of regret, but the surging metal strength is felt.  There is a folk feeling, in the way the strings  underpin the sound, to black metal vocals.  This combination is compelling.  Guitar riffs are magic in this, chugging to frenzied.  

“Bringer der Leere”, the vocals, over the folksy instrumental really work in contrast.  Guitar riffing and strings add more to the track, giving it a foreboding feeling.  I really enjoyed this track. “Mother North” takes the strings to a darker place, strong melancholy, and uplifting at the same moment. “Zerbrechen” has that orchestral sound in instrumentation, then, the black metal bleeds through, to folk song melodies. 

This one is a stand out for me. “Seranade” brings the orchestra and black metal to play against each style.  Very well done, the overall sense is one of a battle, a challenge, picked up and infused. The last track is “Distanz, Op”, and it holds slower riffs, speed metal drums, and again, that folk, clean vocal. I’ve not heard this band before, but I will be watching for more from them.  My ears enjoyed the whole album.

The Key Keeper 666’s reaction:

Well, it looks that 2 years already gone and many albums were listened by all of us here at BAZ. 2 years, already… Well, we are older (Ahahahahahah), wiser (Nah, not my case, lol) and we are a family here. This article is one demonstration of what we are doing were at BAZ and thanks Julia to reminding me of this album. read more

I remember this album when was out, and I remember that I gave a listen or two, maybe three, and that time I didn’t give the attention that the album deserved.

Well, I don’t feel related to the melodic Black Metal or classical influences on Black Metal or to the symphonic Black Metal. Even if there is a lot of damn good albums out there inside those genders.

Cause of that, i didn’t gave a correct attention to this album like I said above. So it was very good to listen to again this album and enjoy it.

It’s a very well done album, with a lot of damn very good passages, the sound of the cello, the piano, the ambient around it. Very good indeed.

Give a try to this album.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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