Releasing The Plague – Trepanation Recordings Interview

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Trepanation Recordings is a very young label borned in the UK. I had the pleasure to listen to the releases made by them and cause of that, I decided to do this #ReleasingThePlague #Interview. Check it… The Key Keeper 666

Thanks for agreeing to this interview for Blessed Altar Zine. Tell us a little bit about the story of the label. How did it start and how far do you think you’ve come since that time?

I started the label in April 2019. I’d spent a few years running various netlabel’s and wanted to make the step up to releasing physical variants of releases. There is such a large amount of worldwide talent that deserves to be heard and I wanted the label to act as a platform for them to release on. I feel the label has steadily built up momentum and has helped a lot of awesome music be heard.

How do you choose which bands to release? How much are your own tastes, or what you expect your audiences tastes a part of the decision making process? Do you have some set boundaries of the kind of music you will or won’t release?

Basically I listen to submissions with an open mind, sonically. I give each one at least 3 listens before making a decision. I’d definitely say that my decision is based 100% on my own tastes. Music wise if I personally dig it, I’ll release. I don’t care if it’s death metal, noise, dark ambient or electronic music. I am vehemently left wing and despise any kind of fascism or bigotry so bands and artists ideologies will cause me not to release more than them not falling in to a particular genre.

What does your label have to offer bands that will make them want to release their music with you, rather than with another label? What are your preferences when it comes to deciding on vinyl, CD, cassette or digital formats and what factors are part of your choice?

I’m passionate about music and very easy going with regards to things so am easy to work with. I’m open and lay out what I can and cannot offer before any decisions are made and if the band or artist likes what they hear it’s totally in their hands. They need to be as comfortable working with me as I am working with them. All releases are done digitally via Bandcamp and a majority are either CD or cassette (sometime both). The label has started to move towards vinyl releases but it needs to make financial sense, of course. I love the quirky formats too so if anyone wants a minidisc release, hit me up!

Do you think of yourselves as being an ‘underground’ label? Would you want the music you release to one day have more of a mainstream appeal, or do you think that would dilute what you do?

I do indeed consider Trepanation as an underground label. I have no grand plans to become more mainstream. I’d never release anything purely because I think it would make money. If I’m not into it on a personal level, I won’t release. Simple as that. Maybe that’s not shrewd from a business perspective but it is what it is. I can’t invest myself in something I don’t feel passionate about.

Can you compare your experiences dealing with other labels from Europe, North America, South America or Asia? Have you found some factors that make one or other more easy or difficult to work with?

I have had experience dealing and working with labels from Europe and the US and it’s always been a hassle-free experience. Not had the pleasure of working with labels from other continents but I’m always open to.

Do you have anything in the pipeline that you’re excited to mention and do you have any ” dream bands” that you’d love to release something by?

Well I’m working with another label on a graphic novella and CD release in January. That’s something completely new to me and I’m excited about it. I already have a pretty full schedule for 2021 with a lot of quality bands in various genres. With regards to ‘dream bands’ I’d have to say Nadja and The Body.

Finally, any info for fans or bands to get in touch or follow what’s happening with the label?

The label has a Facebook page (, Twitter page ( and Instagram page ( I always update these regularly. If any bands are interested in submitting a release all they need to do is email with the album and an EPK. I will listen to everything but it may take a while as I’m a one man operation!



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