Revolting – The Shadow At The World’s End

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Band: Revolting
Title: The Shadow At The World’s End
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Release date: 27 November 2020
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-Quality Digital Recording

For today I decided to review a Death Metal album. Revolting was the chosen band.

When I got the promo I was a bit excited cause I already knew the band. Not all the albums to be honest, but almost all. This album played on my music player many times. Yes, it’s true. I did enjoy it.

To start I have to say this, nothing new in the music style they play. OSDM especially in the Swedish way. Plenty of melody, leads, a sick voice. But…

The way they are doing the songs, the riffs used to make the difference, and… But not only the OSDM Swedish style here. I found a lot of Benediction style and some other influences. It sounds to be a mix of those two Death Metal Schools plus a bit more.

Divided into 9 songs this album is almost a perfect “tribute” to the old school and to be honest if I didn’t know that the album was released yesterday or if I were listening to now without knowing the band already and for the first time, I would easily or probably say “Perfect Death Metal classic”.

The songs are catchy, well done in my opinion, the sound of the guitars is a mix of HM2 with another distortion sound. But Revolting is not just one more Death Metal band, I found some related Crust sound, here and there, on the riffs but especially on the drums and the way that Rogga Johansson sings (Revolting Rogga here), Yes it’s a well know Death Metal name. Maybe cause of that I say that they sound a bit of Benediction.

This album will almost certainly be an album very well received by lovers of OSDM and will play many times, although as I said earlier it is nothing new.

So in a fast resume, if you like/love Benediction, Entrails, Dismember, Master, Revel in Flesh, Demiurg, Gorelord, Entombed. The Ravenous, etc etc.

Now the final words… Even, If I did enjoy the album and listened to it plenty of times, the sensation that is missing something is here. Can’t explain the reason. so… 7/10 The Key Keeper 666


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7/10: Victory is Possible!
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