Sattyg – Legends Part I

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Band: Sattyg
Album: Legends Part I
Label: War Productions
Release Date : 16 October 2020
Country: Sweden
Format Reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

This album sends you on a quest, providing the imagination with landscapes that are alive in your mind. Rolling hills, meadows of wildflowers, foreboding worries, survival at all costs, and worlds that are mind-blowing in their beauty. Danger and darkness also carry heavily in this, cultures that are combatant, but a few try to look past that, to further the quest of the return of the one ring, to Mordor. Yes, “The Lord of the Rings” has a strong presence in this epic dungeon synth creation, that is solely the work of Michael Lang. 

Sattyg is a side project of his, as he is also an active member of the black metal bands, Grimtone, Unholy Tenebris, Dommedag, Arsonists of Lucifer, and also melodic band, Nined. I listened to the tracks, noting that the changing sceneries were fed by the keyboards and synths embodying moods and feelings.  

“Leaving the Shire”, has that whimsical first day of setting out to travel. Unsure of what to expect, the synths fan out to range between trepidation and the wish to see it through.  “Bree Land” opens with a mood of foreboding, a tone of building towards a descent to where the road is unknown.

“Dance of the Elves” has a folksy sound, can almost see dancing, swirling notes that are played in the synths to the lightening of the mood.  “The Chosen One” has the rainfall, brief intro that leads the listener to more of the ambient side of this album. “Across the Mountains” seems more of a continuation, more back building the mood.  “Blizzard on Caradhras” brings more of danger and drama. 

“The Mines of Moria”, is next, with the quest finding the destruction of a treasured home and the death of many.  This track holds a solemness to it, synths are deeper and more prevalent to the overall sense of sadness.  The last track is “The Escape”, giving a lightness to the synths. An ethereal quality.  Flowing over the ears, this one easily enters a mind to offer a hand to stress and everyday toils that can overtake the enjoyment of life.

Sattyg is an escape to mindscapes in this offering, dungeon synth, ambient realms to discover. I was happy to review this because the skill and creativity of Michael Lang are immediately felt in his treatments and arranging of each track.  I give a 7/10 Metal Marie



7/10: Victory is Possible!
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