Blasphemous Putrefaction – Prelude to Perversion

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Band: Blasphemous Putrefaction
Title: Prelude to Perversion
Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen
Release date: 15 August 2020
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Well, well, well. If it isn’t another week and time for a new pick of review. Like so many times before I went into it with a blind eye and so on the menu was the German group Blasphemous Putrefaction and their upcoming debut album “Prelude to Perversion”, a nine-track album although only just barely 33 minutes long filled with black metal. Surely, I was intrigued.

The title track, “Prelude to Perversion” is up first as an opener and as it is supposed to build up tension with some chords along with drums and pounding toms, I suppose I expected a bit more to be built. But let´s not be too hasty, this is of course only the opener. “Necromantic” follows up close behind with old school death but what put me off guard were to vocals. The word “uh” is repeated it seems over and over again as the two distinguishable riffs try to save the work. It’s not exactly the best thing I’ve ever heard, and the performance doesn’t get many points either.

“Epidemic” seems like a fitting title in these days, however what is not fitting is the following riff with the added “solo” on top. Shining death metal moment has yet to happen so far on this album and I have to admit, at this point I was getting somewhat bored. As “Sacrifice for the Dead” came up right behind, I was sure I had already heard everything this group has to offer but then “Blooddrunk Skeleton” came around with a riff that was not just power chords and even a melody.

“Splattered” included what sounded like a repeatedly used riff on this album, and finally “Return to Chaos” comes to close the whole thing. If this group consists of two kids who are forming their first band in their parents’ garage, then I get it. But for the love of Satan, the drummer needs to practice double bass.

Even if the performance is not spot on, you can often get away with that in this genre if you have a good enough material and an aggressive approach. Neither of those aspects sound to be on here so I wouldn´t deem this album as a good one in any other way than “good first try”. 2/10 Julia Katrin



2/10 Your ship sank sir!
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