Hark From The Tomb Exclusive Stream

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The dedicated folk at Blessed Altar are pleased to premiere “No Longer Human” from new Swedish Black Metal duo Hark from The Tomb. Lifted from their debut album “Let Them Die” to be released on September 18th.

The debut album from Hark from the Tomb is a statement of utter contempt for the current state of humanity as a species. The two founding members share a history in the Swedish black metal scene ranging back to the 90’s, but this is their first release under this new moniker. Upon further investigation, it appears that there is a deliberate anonymity at play here, with the band wishing to let their new band stand up for itself rather than be explored based on past associations.

The connecting themes of all songs on “Let Them Die” are the inability of humanity to evolve intellectually, the revolting character of mankind as a whole, and the unforgivable error of letting religion exist as anything more than an artefact of Bronze Age mythology.

The band states that : “The combination of easily led idiots, the charlatans that exploit the weak, and the ultimately cataclysmic symbiosis of the dumb and the evil that collectively holds back humanity as a species is the worst and most poisonous trait that both threatens the survival of humanity as a whole, and the source of the revulsion that led to the creation of “Let Them Die”.

Musically, Hark from the Tomb takes a firm stance in the low-fi ideals set by their Nordic predecessors, drawing their main inspiration from the old-school, primitive parts of the black metal scene.

Written and recorded during the spring of 2020, “Let Them Die” was mixed by H.M. Corpse Foot in Atlantean Studios and mastered by Cripta. The Cover art by Alphonse Edouard Enguérand Aufray de Roc’Bhian.

Revealing the premiere track here, the band leaves no doubt as to their stance re the clergy and outdated religious ideologies.

“No Longer Human” is about the adherents of organized religion who mindlessly follow the dogma of long outdated creeds. Who with diseased minds cling to senseless ideologies that are nothing more than the fever dreams of bronze age sheep herders. Who with the shallow pretense of morality hold back the progress that humanity keeps struggling to make, and instead of moving forward have chosen to regress morally and mentally to the extent that they are no longer human.”

Appealing to fans of Marduk, Dark Funeral and Watain, the album is released on Bandcamp on a “pay what you want” model, and through all other major digital channels on September 18th 2020.

Thanks to David and the good folk over at Viral Propaganda for the opportunity to premiere this new track at Blessed Altar Zine. KMaN


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