Laceratory – Extermination Of The Dissidents

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Band: Laceratory
Album: Extermination Of The Dissidents
Label: Coyote Records (Russia)
Location: USA / New Zealand / Spain
Released: 01 August 2020
Format: Digital Promo

Laceratory is a Brutal Death Metal / Slam band from Minneapolis, USA. That collborates With other members from New Zealand / Spain / New York! so quite the international project, as you can imagine im eager to get stuck in!

This record doesn’t mess around with showing you exactly what you are getting in for with one of the heaviest guitar tones i have heard and chugging away blistering into brutal death bukkake of grunts, growls, noises and blasting.
The production is as expected but it does have an element of clarity so kudos to who mixed this monster but damn is it bloody loud I had to turn it down to stop my ears from being pulverised! (a warning for headphone users) not like that is a negative in any way.

Every musician in this band is fantastic and is allowed moments to shine through the onslaught of skin melting heaviness with guitar licks, Prominet bass resonating sections and great drum sections and fills! Really allows you to admire the technical ability of these guys.
So!…. let’s talk about the….erm…. inhuman sounding cricket vocal thing… It can change to higher pitches…and…harmonize?… I have never heard anything like that before in brutal death and its almost tuneful, you know it’s a good day when you hear something new in Death Metal.

The title “Extermination Of The Dissidents” is one of my favourite tracks on the record and it showcases the brilliant songwriting these guys have and made me go “oh this shit great” and proceeded to kill my table set, it’s heavy but playful with some great grooves and hits all the right spots for me! its a “slamming” track as it were.

The production has some personal gripes for me every track has “the hiss” unsure if it’s just the equipment they recorded it on that didn’t have a noise reducer of some kind or if its deliberate but I think it brings nothing to the record apart from that “old-school” feel, but its 2020 now and this is one thing that I can be left in the past and everyone would be better for it.

Overview: Laceratory has managed to make one of the heaviest guitar tones I have heard and I loved every second of it, they reinvigorated a simple and stale subgenre with some new death and its bloody glorious. 8/10 Kieran



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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