Pale Horseman – For Dust Thou Art

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Band: Pale Horseman
Title: For Dust Thou Art
Label: Independent
Release date: 31 July 2020
Country: USA
Format: HQ Digital  promo

Hello, again metal lovers and readers. This time I have the opportunity to talk about sludge/doom, again.

To be honest I am entering the world of sludge little by little, listening to more and more bands of this style and bringing these dense and heavy sounds to my daily routine with great pleasure. Introducing myself to this type of metal has opened my head and makes me think that I should have paid attention to it much earlier. Anyway, writing reviews for BAZ has been very helpful. It has been like a springboard towards a huge and full pool, where once inside I can swim in sounds, bands, albums, and songs of great variety that help to experience the styles and to be able to share them with our readers.

We march this time to Chicago, Illinois to meet Pale Horseman.

The band was formed in 2012 and they already have in their catalog, four studio albums plus a Split with The Mound Builders in 2016. This new album is already the fifth album to be released independently

This quartet of musicians has been doing a wonderful job cementing the sludge not only in Chicago but in other areas, even though they are not yet on the spectrum of a record label. 

They have been active without lineup changes for almost their entire careers only with a change in drums where Chris Pocius was replaced by Jason Schryver for this new upcoming release.

And what can you expect to find in this new album by this North American band?

From the start, it is a true manifestation of principles. From the first riff to appear in “Tundra”, they are already telling you that something very good is coming. And boy, for sure is a big yes!. We all hope to be surprised when we hear something new, a band that perhaps we do not know or a style that is little frequented by our ears and mind. The idea is that we get caught in the web and that we can’t get out. And Pale Horsemen always does it. Analyzing and listening to their previous works we can already see the direction they want to take and they know very well how to get there.

I must say that I do not have the advantage of being able to see these types of local bands live because they are very far away, here in a corner of my small country in South America, but I am sure that I will enjoy a band show Like Pale Horseman it must be a very pleasant experience. Mug of beer in hand, raising a fist and feeling the vibrate of the drum sound which is brutal, excellent for my taste and the guitar that sounds like powerful thunder, the powerful vocals the work that the bass performs are of very good quality. Except for the opener ´Tundra´, the rest of the songs exceed 6 minutes, the longest is the closer, ´Cydonia´ with a duration of 7:38 for a total time of almost 38 minutes. Without any waste, For Dust Thou Art will make sludge fans delight in each track. 

In addition to the compositional quality of the band, they handle the transitions in a great way and reach the listener with a solid and well-made block of metal of great manufacture, heavy, and at times very emotional. 

But what I can say? You don´t need to hear more from me. Now it remains to wait for the release date and not just keep it up with my words, which through times will be forgotten. Go and find the album, listen to it and enjoy it. Excellent and recommended listen. For me is a 9/10 – Epic Storm!

Till the next review, Ale.

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9/10 : Epic Storm!
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