Leda Spiridon – Eldfell – A Dark Summer of Light

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Band: Leda Spiridon
Album: Eldfell – A Dark Summer of Light
Label: War Productions
Release date: 11 October 2019 (Digital) 01 May 2020 (Physical)
Country: France 
Format Reviewed: High-Quality Digital Recording

Ambient, diverse, atmospheric black metal from France,  yes, we are talking about LEDA SPIRIDON‘s newest full length album.  This is foray into a funeralesque, dark melodied meld blending  traditional black metal sound with long breaks of ambient effects spread through the 2 tracks (On band’s Bandcamp). The 2 tracks are “A Dark Summer Light Part 1” and “A Dark Summer Light Part II” and total just over 34 minutes of listening time. 

First track is your quintessential black metal beginning with an emphasis on bass guitars, drums, and harsh vocals. As the song continues the experimentation of ambient effects pick up, adding to the overall sense of impending doom in the way the ambiance of haunting keyboard is featured. You almost hear wind, water, and nature sounds in the effects. The second track kicks into the ambient background immediately. 

This offering is more ambient in its development but, and I’m glad to say the vocals, which feature in the middle point more, are captivating with stronger riffs and drums. The conclusion of the final track is an eerie echo of murmured voices and a howling wind. LEDA SPIRIDON captures the ambient properties in how the album was produced with a hold on the traditional black metal sound. If more atmospheric metal grabs your attention mixed with black metal traditional, try this album. I give 7/10 Darksun



7/10: Victory is Possible!
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