Thy Dying Light – Thy Dying Light

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Band: Thy Dying Light 
Album: Thy Dying Light
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: 11 April 2020
Country: UK 
Format reviewed: High quality digital promo

THY DYING LIGHT delivers in aggression and riffs that don’t quit, immediately pulling you in to their edgey style of black metal. If you want that black metal sound that respects the traditional roots of DarkThrone and Gorgoroth, as inspiration, this band gives you their own mark on that tradition honoring the established quality and lets you hear what they offer in brutality. THY DYING LIGHT is a feast of uncompromising anti-social black metal meant to be savored over the 10 tracks in this self-titled album.

Their beginnings, in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK, in 2016, started with the vocalist/guitarist Hrafn and later joined by Azrael, also a guitarist and a drummer.  They have released 3 demos, 4 Extended Plays, 3 compilations and 1 live album prior to this debut; and; have honed their sound, building off their experiences during this period of time.

Now, onto the music:

First track “Under The Horns” , riffs, killer riffs. Vocals are amazing, as song progresses those riffs just grab you.  Again, last few guitar riffs at the end set the stage for the next track. 

Second track “Cold in Death” another excellent example of aggression and their firmly established guitar arrangements. 

Third track “Impaler” must say the vocals in this are amazing, combined with the guitar variations in this song, a must listen from start to finish to appreciate it. 

Fourth Track “Black Death” incredible sound achieved in this, satanic themed lyrics, aggressive quality of guitars, what is not to like? Oh, and those riffs. 

Fifth track “The Rise of Evil” wow. This just gets better & better as you listen to more. Again the theme here is anti-social and it’s successfully done.

Sixth track “Ritual Altar” the vocals and satanic theme is strongly forwarded in this. Final lyric at the end is “Satan”, fading slowly. Yummy. 

Seventh Track “Fist of Satan” more of the band’s incredible skill of introducing their reoccurring theme, seeming to build off of each track and culminating into this masterpiece. 

Eight track “Temple of Flesh” slower, heavier signature black metal sound. More toned to the atmospheric, set up to the well executed awesome vocals. 

Nineth track “Thy Dying Light” , the title album track doesn’t disappoint.  Im taken with visions of a darkened venue, standing in a crowd, all of us headbanging. 

Tenth track “Death Knell” wow, this last track is beautifully atmospheric, with a calming quality.  I’m really impressed with the range of sounds arrayed in this album. 

I can’t say enough about how this band delivers on their brand of aggressive, atmospheric, black metal. There will be no regrets if this band makes it to your metal collection of musts for 2020. 8/10 Darksun



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