Monolith ZA Exclusive Stream

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The metal underground is a monstrous void of power that calls to all metalheads around the world. Today the void spit out some killer death metal from South Africa, with MONOLITH (ZA) releasing their first full length album “The Lord Conspirator”. They’ve released a few independent EP’s so far with “Legacy of the Opium Eater” in 2015 and “Memory Palace” in 2016, but this release through MMD recordsis the sum of all their parts it seems. MONOLITH holds nothing back and it makes for an absolutely killer ride!

MONOLITH has clearly hit their full stride with “The Lord Conspirator”. They crush the listener with strong and powerful riffs of various tempo akin to bands like Nile and Morbid Angel. But on the other hand, they take the time to explore eccentricities and progressive tangents across the album with wicked sludgey glory. They keep things moving and only deviate from their death metal territory in a few instances but they always keep the tone brutal as hell and consistently powerful throughout. Fans of Deicide, Hate Eternal, Nile, and Morbid Angel and any death or extreme metal fan will like what they hear on this one. MONOLITH has all of their strings on vocals with Chrisopther Paterson and Andrew Viviers on guitar, Coburn Green on Bass, and David Mills on Drums. South Africa’s metal scene has been exploding in recent years and these beasts are no doubt adding to the brutal momentum. “The Lord Conspirator” is heavy as hell and is well worth a listen on the highest volume possible. It’s out April 28 and streaming here right now so check them out and pick up a copy to support them! Metal Yeti


**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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