Head Of The Demon – Deadly Black Doom

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Band: Head Of The Demon
Title: Deadly Black Doom
Label: Invictus Productions
Release date: 30 April 2020
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

With already two albums on them baggage, this Swedish band releases now the “Deadly Black Dom” album with almost 51 minutes of very good music.

Featuring with members from Serpent Noir, Mortuus, ex-Ofermod or ex-Kaamos, you may think that you will listen to something related with those bands… Well, no, you will not. They play a kind of traditional Doom Metal and some rock touches and with a voice that looks to me Tiamat era “Clouds” but a bit drier.

The first song “The House of Peor” is a good example of what is going to be all over the album. Atmospheric, with a good cadence, simple but effective riffs, a simple drum work but my head and foot are following the tempo.

The second song “Dawn Walker” starts with a “looks like” Arabic riff and you will hear it all over the song. Boring? No at all, is very catchy and very atmospheric at the same time. And if you enter in the cadence of the song, will be very hard to get out, I can assure you that.

“En To Pan” maybe is the best song for me. Why? Cause of the cadence of it. The main riff is so simple but so damn good and it’s very easy to get inside your head. The simplicity (in the good meaning) of this song is so damn good. The way that my ears/body reacts to this song is very good.

“Set-Sutekh” the fourth song, starts with a very good riff, and to be honest if the guitar distortion was stronger and equalized to the Black Metal typical sound, it was a god damn Black Metal riff. And what an amazing atmosphere around this song.

“St. Cyprian” and “Voidsoul”, the fifth and sixth song of this album, continues the amazing work till now listened to the past four songs. HEAD OF THE DEMON was a very good surprise to be, cause I didn’t know them, I was expecting another thing and they did surprise me with a different music style and with a lot of atmosphere and music quality with very simple riffs. It’s an album that I advise everyone. You need to listen to this. Check them and let me know your thoughts. 7.5/10 The Key Keeper



7.5/10 Victory is possible
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