Crypt Dagger – From Below

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Band: Crypt Dagger
Title: From Below
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: 27 March 2020
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

The musical roulette method was once again chosen to find out with much excitement which band would be my next victim, and behold! A German EP stacking 8 tracks into only 23 and a half minute. What’s the hurry, guys?

From what I can see, CRYPT DAGGER has no previous full length albums; however, the group does have a previous demo and another EP such as this one, “From Below”. As previously mentioned it stuffs in 8 tracks in a little over eight minutes, and the genre I dealt with here was a mixture of black, thrash and speed. Mostly speed though.

The old school trash and black mixture became apparent as soon as the first track opened. “The God Fukk You” is in the vein of Venom and such bands but sounds suspiciously old for being a new recording. The track itself in my own opinion was not necessarily great; however it does have all the relevant factors. The compressed round sound of the drums was far away from a modern triggered sound and the guitars slice through the thick air of punk filth that is produced. It left me feeling as if this group was in it for the good laughs and some good old fashion fun. “Six Horned Pervertor” did open with a pretty well performed riff, even if not being original at all it was aggressive enough and with an attitude to matter. There is a particular slower part at the end, and together with the almost comical evilness of the chorus it came out pretty cute really.

“Rape from the Grave” struck me as a cheesy name of a track, even for a young band like this, wanting to slam their way into the metal universe but it was head bangy, I’ll give them that for sure. Shrieks continue with “The Cruel Reign” and so follow the traditional riffing and drumming. The following “Devastation” was hard to tell a part from it as well as it felt as if it was the same, however with different words of lyrics. I imagined it as a man who leaves his vehicle but leaving his unfortunate balls behind when slamming the door.

Finally “5440 or Fight” closes this snug EP in a blackened punk rock way.

When you make music like this you have to be smart and make it right, it feels as if nothing new came along after the first two tracks, as every song goes in E, has the same BPM and somewhat the same vibe. Some interesting palm muted riffs did surface, but unholy crap did the falsetto shrieks catch me off guard. 5.440/10 Julia Katrin


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5.440/10 Floating in the sea of mediocrity
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